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<p>Though the percentage of developers who use Linux is difficult to pin down, analysts said last week that they think a growing number of roll-your-own developers are considering changing to Linux. Such developers, they say, would likely be inclined to create their own strain of Linux atop the noncommercial Linux kernel. They see their own version of Linux as an alternative to developing their own in-house system,” Nadamuni said.</p>

The new ITRS roadmap supports smaller geometries, new materials, and an increase in wafer size to 300-mm, which will drive the capital spending ratio of device manufacturers back above 20 percent of semiconductor sales, the report said. Demand for 200-mm equipment to upgrade existing fabs of top tier customers and foundries to 0.13-micron and copper, combined with dramatically renewed strength in Taiwan should be the drivers of the improved order trend, it added.

Two weeks ago, Hua Hong NEC Electronics signed Jazz Semiconductor as a minority investor and partner to produce 0.25- and 0.18-mircon silicon germanium, BiCMOS, and CMOS chips at the Shanghai fab using Jazz technology.

SAN JOSE, Calif. — There is supposed to be an impenetrable wall between financial analysts and their investment-banking counterparts to avoid conflicts of interests in which analysts might be pressured to report favorably on companies that would, in turn, give banking business to their firms.

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In the past two years, however, incidents have surfaced in technology and other sectors that suggest that wall has big holes in it. One such case involves a high-profile EDA analyst, his former employer and one of the biggest names in the design automation business today: Synopsys Inc.

New information from a previously partially censored court document sheds new light on the world of investment banking and research – and on the analyst, Erach Desai, and his relationship in 2001 with Synopsys executives and with his own bosses.

Last year, regulators from the Massachusetts Securities Division began a widespread securities investigation into the practices of Credit Suisse First Boston's Global Technology Group. The well-documented investigation recently led to several penalties for CSFB – the most prominent of which was the indictment of CSFB investment-banking technology whiz Frank Quattrone for obstruction of justice and witness tampering. Quattrone's case ended in a hung jury earlier this month.

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Regulators built their case against CSFB partly from Desai's testimony, which EE Times reported in October 2002. The Massachusetts Securities Division recently made previously omitted portions of that testimony public.

The Massachusetts Securities Division office subpoenaed Desai in early 2002, ordering him to describe his interactions with the investment-banking side of CSFB while employed as CSFB's EDA analyst from August of 1998 to October 2001.

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In the first part of a deposition conducted in September 2002, Desai, then working as a consultant at Decisive Research Technology (Greenwich, Conn.), disclosed how he was pressured by software CEOs and by CSFB investment bankers to get banking business.

In the unedited version of the deposition, obtained by EE Times, Desai further describes how he believed former Synopsys CFO Brad Henske got him fired by using leverage from Synopsys' plans to acquire Avanti Corp. – a deal valued at more than $800 million that would eventually yield $10 million to $20 million for CSFB.

Intel fellow Robert Chau, who led the gate oxide investigation at Intel's process development laboratory in Hillsboro, Ore., is scheduled to present an invited paper at the International Gate Insulator Workshop in Tokyo on Thursday that stops short of identifying which high-k gate oxide or gate electrode metals Intel will use. Intel said only that the high-k material has 60 percent greater capacitance than silicon dioxide.

The paper describes NMOS and PMOS transistors with physical gate lengths of 80-nm and an electrical oxide thickness of 1.4-nm (14 Angstroms), as measured at inversion. The threshold voltages of the devices were within Intel's targets, and drive currents and off currents were among the best reported to date, according to Intel.

Ken David, director of components research at the manufacturing group, said it is possible that Intel could switch gears at the 45-nm node, using a tri-gate transistor with silicon dioxide, or possibly with a high-k material, as the gate insulator. But if Intel sticks with the conventional planar transistors, it is committed to using the high-k gate insulator and metal gates that it has identified, he said.

Rather than grow the insulation layer as is commonly done with silicon oxide, Intel will use atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment to deposit the high-k materials, he said.

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IBM defense attorney Robert Weber asserted in his opening argument that the plaintiffs would be unable to prove a scientific link between the illnesses and their IBM workplace. These types of cancers happen all over the world,” said Weber. No job and workplace protects against these diseases.”

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