<p>One of Sultenfuss' goals is to better use sales information. Spherion is negotiating with a client to access the client's mainframe database. Sultenfuss believes this will provide tremendous sales data back to Spherion's team.</p>

FPGAs work best on the first level of data manipulation — pixel, matrix, image, signal, FFT, filters and the like. So what we currently have is a host processor and a board inside that PC that houses three FPGAs. The host processor does the file I/O and other outer-shell tasks of the program, while the FPGA acts as a coprocessor executing the inner shell,” said Bhm.

– Standardiseringen kan påskynda utbyggnaden av nät för strömmande IP-applikationer eftersom DTM kan användas för att bota Ethernets svagheter. Operatörer kan introducera garanterad tjänstekvalitet i sina existerande nät utan att öka kostnaderna, säger Christer Bohm.

Specifikationen gör att en mängd tillverkare av nätverksutrustning kan integrera sina produkter medDTM-system. Exempelvis kan accessutrustning för xDSL med gränssnitt för Ethernet anslutas direkt till ett DTM-stomnät.

RN73H2ETTD13R0F25_Datasheet PDF

Silicon Valley

Addressing the susceptibility of high-speed PC ports to damage from electrostatic discharge, California Micro Devices Corp. today will introduce a family of ESD protection devices that feature both high-voltage protection and low capacitance.

The PicoGuard devices are designed to fill what Cal Micro identifies as a gap in the market for devices that offer the right level of ESD protection without degrading system performance.

RN73H2ETTD13R0F25_Datasheet PDF

Previously, Cal Micro offered a PN- diode process with low capacitance and low-level contact discharge protection for high-bus-speed applications. A Zener- diode process provided more protection but had high capacitance.

Similar devices from suppliers such as Semtech and STMicroelectronics also come up short, according to Kyle Baker, vice president of marketing at Cal Micro, Milpitas, Calif.

RN73H2ETTD13R0F25_Datasheet PDF

Existing solutions have been adequate for PCs, but with the emergence of high-speed ports for USB 2.0, FireWire, and Gigabit Ethernet, they are not a good solution for robust EDS protection,” Baker said.

By the end of 2003, virtually all new PCs will support the new 480Mbit/s USB 2.0 peripheral interface, making ESD protection critical, according to IDC, Framingham, Mass.


ArialPhone's (Mundelein, IL – 847-949-3173, namesake product is different from everything else listed here in that it doesn't tie in to your PBX. Instead, it hooks into your phone line at the desktop and provides a rather different sort of integration – with your PC and your Microsoft Outlook client.

The ArialPhone clips on your ear, either as a conventional headset or with a wraparound ear mount. It's extremely light, the sort of thing you'll forget you've got attached to your head (boy will you look silly when you pick up the kids), and it's just the one piece. There's no cord trailing down to a unit clipped to your belt.

The device is available in both 128-pin quad flat pack and VTQFP. The QFP version, LPC47N350-NC, is priced at $9.75 and the LPC47N350-NE (128 VTQFP) at $10.50 in large quantities. Samples are available now.

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