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And since the company already has a reasonably strong market position, Dodd said he will be able to focus the its efforts on moving forward, rather than changing course.

The latest book-to-bill numbers from Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) were scheduled to be released late last week after press time. A spokesman for the trade group said the positive outlook painted for the semiconductor industry in recent weeks should bode well for equipment vendors.

SEMI's members are keeping an optimistic ear to the ground, especially in light of recent reports of improved chip sales,” the spokesman said. The current uptick in chip sales may be the start of the upturn or it may be a Christmas-induced hiccup. I think we'll need to see sustained growth into the first and second quarters of 1999 to feel confident that the industry is on the rebound.”

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Lucent Technologies Inc.'s Galaxy Power Systems (GPS) 4812 and 2424 are designed to meet future high-power density needs of both wireless and wireline communications service providers.

The GPS 4812, suited for -48-VDC telecom equipment, and the GPS 2424, for +24- VDC wireless equipment, combine fan-cooled switch-mode rectifiers (50 A for the 4812, 100 A for the 2424), battery disconnect/reconnect options, and a broad choice of circuit-breaker and fuse DC distribution. Options include low-voltage-load disconnect in a modular, front-access design.

Alarm and control capabilities can be provided for the systems by the Galaxy Vector, a microprocessor controller that provides system alarming and control, including slope thermal compensation for batteries.

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The GPS 4812 provides power from 50 to 400 A in a half-height cabinet for mounting on VLRA batteries, and up to 800 A in a single full-height cabinet, expandable to 1,200 A in a dual-cabinet arrangement.

The GPS 2424 provides power from 100 to 800 A in a half-height cabinet for mounting on VLRA batteries, and up to 1,200 A in a single full-height cabinet, expandable to 2,400 A in a dual-cabinet arrangement.

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For 48-V loads, one or two converter carriers can each accommodate up to four 3-A modular converters that plug into a rectifier slot to provide 12 or 24 A.

Both power systems from Lucent, headquartered in Allentown, Pa., are available now, and include a Galaxy Millennium controller, low-voltage battery disconnect, 84 circuit-breaker positions, and five rectifiers. Both models have average prices of $15,000 to $18,000.

San Jose–Nov. 2, 1998–Altera Corp. (San Jose) announced availability of its EPM7064AE, a new member of the MAX 7000Afamily of PLDs with 4.5ns pin-to-pin performance, for peak on-chip speeds of up to196.5 MHz. The EPM7064AE also contains on-chip features that enablein-system programming (ISP) delays that are up to ten times faster thancomparable ISP devices.

Using as its foundation the MAX 7000architecture, the new EPM7064AE features 64 macrocells, 1,250 usable gatesand 4.5ns pin-to-pin performance. The EPM7064AE operates at a core voltageof 3.3-V and features Altera's Multivolt interface, which allowsdesigners to seamlessly interface between 5.0-V, 3.3-V, and 2.5-V devices ina mixed-voltage environment. In-system programming of the EPM7064AE issupported through the IEEE standard 1149.1 JTAG interface using the open,non-proprietary Jam programming language.

The new features of the EPM7064AE include:

Auto-Increment Counter –The newalgorithm eliminates the address requirement while achieving the sameprogramming and verification results. In addition to reducing file size andimproving programming time, this feature reduces the number of requiredverification vectors by a factor of five to seven times. Programming Done Bit –This feature ensures complete programming of theEPM7064AE and prevents I/Os from driving out until programming is complete. Pull-Up Resistors –By placing pull-ups on I/Opins, a direct interface to a system bus is possible during in-systemprogramming. Hot Socketing –This feature of the EPM7064AE allows implementation in aboard or other subsystem that will be interfaced directly to a powered-upsystem. The EPM7064AE's power and I/O features enable insertion intoactive systems.

All EPM7064AE devices are completely pin-for-pin compatible withexisting industry-standard EPM7064S and EPM7064 devices. The EPM7064AE supports the device- and vendor-independent Jamprogramming and test language.

Although the company admittedly has some heavy lifting” ahead, Intel and its partners said they have assembled all the components necessary to ensure that Rambus and its constituent parts will be available for next year's PC market.

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