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<p>CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Founded by a group of mathematicians from MIT, Akamai Technologies Inc. has developed algorithms that will be sold as a service to speed the delivery of Web content from hundreds of servers around the world.</p>

Most OEMs chose to highlight few radical product directions at the show, with the theme of convergence” between the PC and the TV put on hold, if not halted altogether. Instead, they focused on extensions of traditional products-a broader range of HDTV displays, for example, and additional functions added to DVD players.

Customers are looking for system-level services to help them define new products that take advantage of Atmel's feature rich FPGA device offerings. We expect this alliance to be very successful for both companies,” said Joe Meyer, president of North Pole Engineering. Atmel's innovative FPGA architectures fit perfectly with the types of functions that are most in demand in the high performance designs North Pole develops.”

For example, Atmel's distributed FreeRAM capability enables the design of multiple RAM structures without loss of logic and the architecture facilitates efficient implementation of high-speed DSP-type building blocks such as parallel multipliers and barrel shifters, Meyer said.

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Bearing the first fruit from a recent deal signed with Seeq Technology Inc.,Standard Microsystems Corporation (SMSC) today announced it has begun samplinga highly-integrated, physical-layer (PHY) chip for Fast Ethernet networks.

Called the LAN83C183, Hauppauge, N.Y.-based SMSC's new product is asingle-chip, 3.3-v device that integrates a 10/100-Mbit transceiver, a physical-signalingfunction, and physical-coding sublayers on the same IC.

As a result, this chip implements all the required LAN functions betweenthe line isolation magnetics and the Media Access Controller (MAC).

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Supporting the 10Base-T,100Base-TX, and 100Base-FX Ethernet standards, the LAN83C183combines support for both copper and fiber-optic media.

The LAN83C183 comes as a result of SMSC's previously-announced relationshipwith Seeq, a Fremont, Calif.-based supplier of PHY ICs. SMSC's new PHY deviceis pin-compatible with Seeq's PHY chip for 10/100-Mbit networks, dubbed the TQ80223.

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The PHY ICs from SMSC and Seeq are ideal for PC Card, PC motherboard and otherpower-constrained applications.

The LAN83C183, which is packaged in a 64-pin TQFP package, is priced at $6.00, inquantities of 10,000. Samples are available now.

Adams shrugged. The message kids get often differs from the one you're sending,” said the former IT worker from Pacific Bell and Crocker Bank. Though he didn't start out with a message” per se, he believes one has developed.

One of the unintentional outcomes of Dilbert was that it gave a kind of common language to things that were bothering people,” said Adams. Pre-Dilbert, the middle-managed peons of the work world sat silently when bosses prattled on about synergies” and processes.”

Thanks to Dilbert, if someone today utters something about achieving synergy,” Adams said workers are likely to look around the table and sigh, ” 'There's a Dilbert moment,' and everyone in the room will know what he means.”

And, hope beyond hope, maybe help discard nonsense for more substantive dialogue. Dilbert has changed the syntax by creating a language for unexpressed thoughts.

That's pretty heady stuff for a guy whose drawings were once dismissed as primitive by so-called art experts. Today, Adams is veering perilously close to Dogbert's professed goal of taking over the world. Dilbert now appears in hundreds of newspapers. Dilbert is on the Internet. There are Dilbert dolls in novelty gift shops. Dilbert is on best-seller lists (Joy of Work”). And now Dilbert is coming to the TV screen.

This technology not only offers very high storage densities, it could access that data at very high rates, due to the fact that holographic methods read an entire page of data in one operation,” said Alex Harris, who heads the project.

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