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e-talk's (Irving, TX – 972-819-3100, www.e-talkcorp.com) historical emphasis is on agent evaluation. Qfiniti is the latest, newly web-enabled version of their QM app. The training piece is by third-party Knowlagent, an authoring tool that also automatically pushes material to the right agents during down times.

The Intero family of configurable module solutions integrates a power electronics module with an embedded driver board for user-programmable drive control for ac induction and brushless dc motors. The modules' power electronics package, which provides power and signal pins in the mechanical outline of the industry-standard EconoPack, includes six non-punch-through IGBTs, diodes and sensing resistors. The remaining programming electronics are on the embedded driver board, which is placed atop the power stage to provide a compact solution in the EconoPack footprint.

In operation, the unit provides an accurate current-feedback loop in a high-efficiency, rugged, low-noise design in a package that's up to 50 percent smaller than traditional designs, according to the company. The current-feedback loop, with a bandwidth of 5 kHz, is said to provide low torque at low speed without unwanted shaft flutter or noise.


The first product in the series, the PIIPM50P12B004, is a 50-amp, 1,200-volt three-phase inverter for 15-kilowatt industrial and servo motors. The package includes an on-board programmable 40-Mips DSP (TMS320LF2406A) and current-sensing and isolation circuitry, and gate drivers. Communications between the DSP and the local host, including the installing and debugging of DSP software, is realized through an asynchronous isolated serial port or synchronous serial port.

Intero products on the road map include different power configurations such as bridge-brake and bridge-brake-inverter for power levels up to 15 kW at 600 or 1,200 V.

All modules use the company's advanced IGBT technology, making it possible to stack the embedded driver board on top of the power stage.


Samples of the PIIPM50P12B004 are available now, with volume production scheduled for the summer. Pricing is $500 each in 500-unit quantities.

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Tel Aviv, Israel, — Hoping to make Bluetooth a more attractive option for networking designs, the BIC2301 Bluetooth baseband processor is equipped with an Ethernet MAC. Using this IC, designers can build gateway designs that bridge Ethernet and Bluetooth functionality in LAN access points.

In addition to the Ethernet MAC, this IC is equipped with an MII interface and 32-b access to off-chip memory components. The baseband IC also delivers a 1.8-V core voltage and a 10 x 10-mm BGA package.


In closing, I recently received a bit of interesting feedback from a vendor of a VoIP QoS monitoring tool:

Dear Dr. C:

Your case for an ITSP/CLEC installing standards-based VoIP gear along with a real-time monitoring solution” is very valid. Our company Amoebatel (www.amoebatel.com) makes a real-time VoIP voice quality monitoring solution that provides reports on poor voice quality for every call. We would like to share some recent feedback from customers:


There's a race on to see who can create a real silicon virtual-prototype tool,” said Smith. At this DAC [Design Automation Conference], we will see companies making big inroads, but none of them are quite there yet.”

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