<p>The 1-bit SM-SX100 has 100-W output power per channel, a frequency response from 5 Hz to 100 kHz, and dynamic range at 105 dB. Sharp has already begun taking orders on an amplifier system in the Japanese market and will make 100 units a month on a build-to-order basis.</p>

According to Barringer, Philips will include an intermediate layer of software to allow a common programming interface to both the MIPS and TriMedia cores, although designers will still have the luxury of developing custom drivers.

The second bit of advice is to have the best tools. “Good tools are a vital factor in staffing,” he adds. “We equipour staff with the best technology to meet our customer’s goals.” *

Jeffrey Shapiro is a world-renowned authority on computer telephony. His well-known book Computer Telephony Strategies(IDG Books), was first published in the US in 1996 and is a world-wide best seller.


Shapiro also wrote Windows Telephony (available from Miller Freeman) in 1997 and has contributed to numerous books and magazines on a wide range of information technology subjects.

He is also the senior IT consultant for a $9 billion food distribution company. Mr. Shapiro can be reached at

T he high-tech industry is taking note of the successful speech recognition system that Hewlett Packard (HP) uses. It is not enough that HP continues to win awards and accolades for technical support andcustomer satisfaction year after year. The company is now raising the bar on self-help technical support — and it’s not only on the Internet.


Back in February of this year, HP announced that it had contracted the speech recognition gurus atSpeechWorks International (Boston, MA) to develop the first speech-activated, customer service application for answering technical support questions.

The automated system, which went live in the US this spring, lets callers find out if their HPproducts are Year 2000-compliant simply by speaking naturally over the phone. The success of the system has set in motion a trend that will see speech recognition systems commonplace in technical support environments as early as 2002.


“The biggest challenge here was to be able to provide information on more than 14,000 products and combinations of products,” says Luther Jones, HP’s spokesperson. “And you’ll be amazed at the different ways a caller can ask about a LaserJet,” headds.

According to Jones, HP’s customer support reputation stems from its ability to keep ACD queues from clogging up with Y2K questions. “The speech recognition system was one of the tools that HP considered to keep the call queues short.”

This is a key device in expanding the switch fabric in the WAN core,” said Zareh Baghdasarian, founder and vice president of engineering at Monterey Networks. It offers a combination of high performance and low power consumption for designing the larger switches demanded by the need for more bandwidth in the core.”

Any of the S2018's 17 differential LVPECL input-signal pairs can be connected to any or all of the 17 differential CML output-signal pairs. AMCC said the differential nature of the data path is retained throughout the crosspoint structure, minimizing data distortion. The input data range is 200 to 1,200 mV differential and the CML programmable output-swing range is from 200 to 1,400 mV differential (typical).

Jon Siann, AMCC's director of marketing for datacom products, said the LVTTL configuration controls provide a simplified interface to lower-speed circuitry. The device can be selectively reconfigured one output pair at a time, or any number of output pairs can be reconfigured simultaneously. Once a new configuration has been entered into the configuration register file, the S2018 can be completely reconfigured by pulsing the CONFIGN input, without disturbing operation.

The S2018 will sample in September with a production release set for the fourth quarter. Packaged in a 352-pin super ball-grid array, it is priced at $200 in lots of 1,000.

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Driven predominately by OEMs pressured to limit inventory exposure, the latest trend is to hold as little inventory as possible, and increase the velocity of product flow through the supply chain.

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