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<p>In a separate presentation, Noel Strader, product marketing manager for Milkyway at Synopsys, said there are three approaches to interoperability. The first is file read/write, second is extension languages such as Tcl or Skill, and the third is a compiled language API.</p>

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After inputting file formats into the O-Wave tool, users fill out a series of questions in a spreadsheet format. Based on those answers, we build a 3-D model semi-automatically for users and then solve the electromagnetic field and come up with a solution the user wants,” said Kuo.

Kuo said that where other full-wave tools are limited in capacity and simulation performance, O-Wave is a multigrid finite-element tool that uses a Krylov order-reduction algorithm to home in on problem components and nets, and then analyze them in detail.


Kuo said the tool targets critical components, such as spiral inductors in an RF IC or a few high-speed I/O nets in a mixed-signal design, which require very accurate 3-D full-wave simulations.

Instead of solving the Maxwell's equations directly with the finest meshes-a slow and tedious process used by other full-wave tools-O-Wave's multigrid technique uses the electric-field solution with coarse meshes as an initial guess, and quickly finds a convergent, more accurate solution with finer meshes, said Kuo.

The Krylov order-reduction technique further improves CPU time by arriving at S-parameters for all frequencies based on solutions at only a few expansion points, said Kuo. This, he said, allows it to run 10 times faster than 3-D full-wave products on the market.


The company says the O-Wave tools consume only one-third of the memory currently required by competing products.

O-Wave PKG, O-Wave PCB and O-Wave IC, running on Windows OS, start at $60,000.


Consumers are witnessing a dramatic transformation in their ability to create and share multimedia content across devices. They can take a video clip on their digital camera, save it to a memory card that also fits in their personal digital assistant and watch it as they ride the train. At home they can insert the card in their DVD player and watch the clip in their living room.

Gadgets abound for audio and video as well as images, yet each has its own storage needs and multimedia format requirements. Given the bevy of data storage formats and encoding/decoding standards in existence today, it becomes a real challenge for system designers to figure out a way to make sure their devices can talk” to other devices.

Databeans estimates that production of semiconductors by foundries constituted 16 percent of global revenues, or $26.6 billion, in 2003.

Application-specific logical devices, programmable logic devices, and other integrated circuits (except for microprocessors and DRAM) were primary contributors towards the growth.

Analog revenue generated by foundries constitutes 28 percent of outsourced product revenues, mostly in the competitive application-specific areas, such as RF and mixed-signal,” according to the research firm. In these markets, foundry suppliers offer a compelling alternative to internal manufacturing, due to leading edge advancements in technology available at foundry facilities.”

For example, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd., which controls 52 percent of the foundry market, is currently booked beyond factory capacity. The company manufactures chips for a number of major analog companies like Analog Devices, STMicroelectronics, Qualcomm, and National Semiconductor.

Texas Instruments is getting its TMS320C64X digital signal processor product line into shape as competition heats up for attractive DSP markets such as packet-switched telecom including video over IP and other cost-sensitive, high performance applications. TI has begun sampling two new devices at lower price points than other members of the family. They also pack additional on-chip memory and peripherals functions.

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