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Making the next generation wireless Internet vision a 'here-today' reality is a significant financial and logistical exercise for the operators,” said Jake Saunders, an analyst who tracks the market for the company. 2.5G technologies such as GPRS and 3G W-CDMA technologies in particular, placeextraordinary demands for base-station and switching equipment,” Saunders said.




Cadence announced that Netronome gained a significant performance advantage on its low-power green” SoCs by using the Cadence® Encounter® RTL-to-GDSII flow. In addition to increased chip performance, Netronome engineers using the latest Encounter 11.1 technology achieved a 29% reduction in power consumption, smaller design area and faster overall time to market compared to their former flow, for SoCs targeting the secure virtualized cloud and data center markets. Clocks are the backbone of all digital chips, and a fundamentally different approach to clock construction and optimization was needed. Traditional clock tree synthesis (CTS) tools and methodologies — which are based on minimizing skew and are isolated from logic/physical optimization — are insufficient for advanced node, high-performance designs due to the growing gap between pre- and post-CTS design timing. CCOpt technology bridges the gap by re-focusing CTS directly on timing — not skew minimization — and combining this timing-driven CTS with concurrent logic/physical optimization.

Sigrity has introduced XcitePI IO Interconnect Model Extraction. The tool generates chip IO power/ground and signal interconnect models for system-level analysis of high-speed channels and buses. Built-in IO quality assessment capabilities enable designers to quickly check IO power/ground robustness and signal electrical performance to identify potential design defects. Dr. Jiayuan Fang, president of Sigrity, explaines that prior to Sigrity’s XcitePI IO Interconnect Model Extraction technology, simultaneous switching output (SSO) analysis was either unduly pessimistic or overly optimistic. The lack of IO interconnect models made the simulated power/ground noise at driver and receiver sides unpredictable, especially when a large number of drivers switch simultaneously.

Kilopass Technology has announced that SoC designers can select any hard IP core—IP supplied as GDSII hard macro—from the entire library of Kilopass XPM (eXtra Permanent Memory) and Gusto NVM IP, drop it into a design for fabrication at any of eight top-tier foundries at the 130/110nm node. Kilopass’ NVM IP common implementation for the eight top-tier silicon foundries at the 130/110nm process node means designers can use the same interface and achieve the same area at all of the eight foundries at 130/110nm, thus making foundry mobility simpler than before.

IC Manage has introduced its IC Manage Views™ storage acceleration software – a version aware, virtual file system that presents complete workspace views, while only transferring data on demand to a local file cache.  IC Manage Views removes network transfer bottlenecks to accelerate Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tool performance, achieve Zero-Time Sync™ (ZTS) for workspaces, and reduce storage utilization. IC Manage Views is 100% compatible with all storage technologies and works at both local and remote sites.

EVE has announced availability of a 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) validation platform for its ZeBu family of system-on-chip (SoC) hardware-assisted verification platforms.  The e-zTest 10GbE software is a transaction-based environment for high-speed validation of 10GbE functions in network routers, switches and controllers, and SoC ASICs containing 10GbE ports. EVE also announced a variety of new software to expand the capabilities of its ZeBu system-on-chip (SoC) emulation platform, including power-aware verification, post-run debugging, two vertical application validation platforms, low-power and Flash memory models, and electronic system level (ESL) tool interfaces.

Neolinear's advanced engineering and development team has produced the world's only analog physical synthesis technology. The recent equity investment from Cadence Design Systems and the addition of Philips, Raytheon, Sharp, and Niigata Seimitsu as new users, affirms our analog mixed-signal technology and strategy,” said Neolinear's president and CEO, Tom Beckley.

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