<p>Unveil Conversation Manager also automatically reviews transcripts of customers' calls to recognize the grammatical patterns they use. The software then codes those patterns into VXML so that it recognizes them when they occur again. Although the accuracy of speech recognition software has come a long way, the extra steps taken by Unveil to improve upon it wins our attention and interest. 781-890-7333, www.unveil.com</p>

When asked what deficiencies beset today's processors for terminals Boland said: Performance at low power. Element 14 had a completely soft modem and that was a great advantage to help Broadcom get design wins. There is an opportunity to do some similar stuff in terminals.” Toon added: We've spoken to potential customers and they said that if we can deliver on our ideas we can revolutionize the way terminals are built.”

In contrast, SDRAM prices held steady this week. However, the lack of price erosion in SDRAM is not a very significant event, given that demand for the older memory is dwindling and suppliers are decreasing production.

Many adverse factors are pressuring DDR prices now.


The first factor is that DRAM demand from PC OEMs has all but evaporated. Although there is a small increase in demand from small- and medium-sized OEMs, they are hesitant to issue purchasing orders because prices are crashing down on a daily basis.

The second factor is that suppliers are pricing DRAM modules for small- and mid-sized system manufacturers at very aggressive levels in order to clean out their inventory. Because of this, buyers are turning directly to suppliers, not the spot market, to buy modules.

Third, spot market dealers and distributors are disposing of their inventory before they shut down their operations through the first week of February for the Chinese New Year holiday. Falling prices are making traders hesitant to hold inventory during the long holiday in the Asian market. Many Asian workers and companies will be taking off the entire week of February 3 as a vacation.


Price pressure on DRAM modules is more serious than on components, as demand for upgrade modules and graphics cards is relatively better compared to that for DRAM parts in the spot market.

In other DRAM-supply developments, the breakdown of the ProMOS joint venture between Mosel Vitelic and Infineon Technologies AG pressured Mosel to sell-off its parts on the Asian spot market at the end of January. This will impact Asian spot market prices negatively in the short term. However, unless ProMOS and Mosel find a new technology partner soon — perhaps Elpida Memory Inc. — their capacity growth will be limited and lower than planned, which could exert a positive impact on the spot market in the long term.


iSuppli predicts the present gloomy pricing situation will persist, at least until the middle of February, given the absence of positive forces in the market now.

AUSTIN &#151 Die Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) hat der weltweiten Halbleiterindustrie zwei Jahre starken Wachstums prognostiziert. Das für 2003 angekündigte Wachstum beträgt 19,8 Prozent; 2004 würde laut SIA der Markt um 22 Prozent wachsen. Erst 2005 werde das Wachstum wieder abklingen, so SIAs Präsident George Scalise.

Vu l'étal foetal des applications haut de gamme, tant TI que ST font valoir les marchés des téléphones intelligents bas de gamme à milieu de gamme de leurs déploiements, sans toutefois exclure les assistants numériques personnels haut de gamme. Les déploiements des deux processeurs vantent leur faible consommation de puissance.

Les nouvelles pièces de l'éventail de TI développent leurs 710 processeurs de bande de base numérique intelligente et leurs 1510 processeurs d'application Omap, basés sur une architecture combinée ARM RISC et DSP C5X . La nouvelle lignée retient le DSP C55 mais abandonne le ARM925 au profit du ARM926TEJ 200-MHz avec accélération Java et perfectionnement multimédia V5.

En plus de 70 périphériques intégrés et options de prise en charge multimédia, TI ajoute un support de cryptage matériel qui peut multiplier la vitesse du cryptage par un facteur de 90 et l'adressage calculé par un facteur de 30, en fonction du débit du train de données, affirme Mike Yonker, technologue en chef du groupe d'informatique sans fil de TI. Le matériel prend en charge les SHA-1/MD-5, DES et 3DES.

Pour le traitement d'applications multimédia sur téléphones et assistants numériques personnels hauts de gamme, le Omap 1610 est basé sur le ARM926TEJ et un processeur de signal numérique C55X,200-MHz. Le 1611 ajoute la mémoire vive statique et l'interface facultative WLAN 54-Mbit. Le 1612 ajoute 256 Mbits de mémoire à double débit de données, faible puissance, empilée. Le 730 est un processeur de téléphone intelligent pour GSM/GPRS, mais certains envisagent même de l'utiliser pour les assistants numériques personnels de faible consommation, et la ligne qui sépare le téléphone intelligent (smartphone) du poste évolué (feature phone) haut de gamme n'est plus si nette,” affirme Yonker.

Entretemps, STMicroelectronics pénètre le marché défavorisé, ayant laissé TI et Intel (avec le processeur Xscale) accaparer la plus grande partie du marché des processeurs d'applications l'année dernière, surtout en Asie.

Ellis helped to execute a similar move, focused primarily on memory technology, at Sun Microsystems in the late 1990s. We started implementing this back at Sun in 1996 and had products based on that work shipping in 1999. It's a three-year impact. Andy Bechtolsheim, a Sun co-founder was one of the first players in that effort. It worked in a past life, and I am confident that it will work here too.”

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