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<p>We can build profiles down to 8nm without masks,” he said.</p>

There are further issues — for example, getting the solar cell and the optical receiver to work together since they need special optical filtering materials to work side by side.

The software also includes a command bar at the top of the screen similar to those found in Windows applications. The command bar provides pull-down menus that lead to shortcuts for opening and saving surveys, editing and deleting questions, and importing data from sources like open database connectivity- (ODBC-) compliant databases and ASCII text files. To test this last feature, we created a text document containing additional questions for the survey that we already created. Because the software required us to separate our new questions with an ASCII character or value, we added a semicolon after each question and imported the questions into our survey in less than a minute.

After saving the completed survey, we selected the Lock option from a menu at the top of the screen. Locking the survey prevented us from making additional changes before distributing the questionnaire. We returned to the main menu and clicked on Survey Administrator to distribute the completed survey to our customers,” in this case several employees working at our office. We published our survey to the Web in HTML format so they could submit answers through a Web browser.

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Although Survey Administrator provides a setup wizard for publishing surveys to the Internet (shown in Figure 2), you need to consult your IT department to get your Web server's FTP host address. But after we found that information and entered it into the wizard, we could only view our survey in Microsoft Internet Explorer by entering a user name and password to access our server. With a Netscape browser, we couldn't open the survey even after entering that information at the password prompt.

To rectify the problem, Jennifer Hoppe, IT manager for SurveyConnect, suggested that we change our settings to enable open access for all visitors to the Web site. That permitted us to view the survey from both Web browsers without the password prompt. But when we completed the survey and tried to submit our answers, we viewed an error message from the Web browser.

Hoppe helped us to solve this problem, too. When we posted our survey to the Web, the Survey Administrator module let us save the submitted answers to a file on our Web server or send them to our e-mail address. We attempted to view the answers as e-mail messages, but Survey Select Expert 4.5 only works with simple mail transfer protocol- (SMTP-) standard e-mail servers. Because the software couldn't work with our Lotus Notes server, Hoppe helped our IT person revise the Active Server Page (ASP) script of our survey to save the results to our Web server.

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These problems resolved, we successfully polled two employees at our office. To view their responses, we needed to import them from our Web server to our PC's hard drive. The process entailed opening the Import Survey Responses wizard from Survey Administrator and creating a new file for survey responses. But Survey Select Expert 4.5 displayed an Unable to make FTP connection” error, so we couldn't view our survey results.

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We learned from our IT support person that the corporate firewall between our Web server obstructed it from delivering the file to our PC. So we used WS_FTP, an application that let us transfer files between PCs through the Web, to copy the files with the survey responses to our own hard drive. That appeared to go smoothly, until we tried to view the survey answers on a spreadsheet in Survey Select Expert.

Because we had difficulty finding where we saved the survey responses on our hard drive, we created a new folder in which to save them and repeated the process. To check the survey answers, we opened the Answer Management Form in Survey Administrator. The form let us view the answers in a spreadsheet and as a list; we could alternate between both views by clicking on tabs at the top of the screen.

Finding Qualified Agents

To find qualified people, you must go where they gather. Cyberspace is becoming that place, open 24×7.

A poll of 1,000 on-line respondents conducted December 2001-January 2002 on Manpower's call center Web site,, indicated that 63% preferred using the Internet to find work, rather than other methods like classified ads and job fairs.

According to Lauritzen, companies find Internet recruitment and screening, plus phone-in voice screening, less costly than newspaper ads and phone screening only. Internet recruitment costs as little as $10 per successful candidate, compared to $100 or more with newspaper ads. It also saves time compared to other recruiting methods.

The staffing agency has been using the site to recruit for specific clients. Forty percent of candidates who visit the site undergo prescreening.

Benefits Provided by the Call Center:

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