<p>1. Some market research houses and industry associations continue to pump up the IC market. That in itself raises red flags.</p>

Here's some links to digital photography sites that have been posting stories about the problem:

Pseudo market

Like NAND flash, prices for pseudo-SRAM (PSRAM) devices have also fallen off a cliff in recent times, according to sources.

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NAND vendors are waiting for prices to rebound in 2H. I’m not so sure the prices will come back. There’s too many players chasing after the NAND market. The party is over.

Bad timing

Based on its financial results, Micron appears to be in the wrong markets at the wrong time. The company would have lost money if it had not garnered a one-time payment from Intel for NAND designs. And in recent times, Micron has shifted its fab capacity towards NAND and PSRAM &#151 both of which have fallen off a cliff. The company has also moved away from DRAM, which is seeing a revival.

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Texas spin control

Rival Samsung deserves an award for spin control. Samsung reported what I would consider horrible results for Q1. But in a planned and well orchestrated PR stunt on the same day, the company announced a 300-mm fab in Austin, Texas.

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What got more attention? But here’s what fearless Dylan McGrath of EET.com reported: Austin officials have said in published reports that the facility could eventually cost Samsung $3.5 billion to $4 billion, which would be consistent with the cost of equipping a 300-mm facility. However, the Samsung spokesperson said that as of now, the company has only committed to spending the $220 million. The spokesperson said plans call for the facility to be fully equipped with 300-mm equipment, but that Samsung is not providing details about the size or eventual manufacturing output capability of the fab.”

So in other words, don’t look for Samsung to equip the 300-mm fab in Texas anytime soon. The company still has a ton of memory and logic fab capacity in Korea.

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SAN JOSE, Calif. — Programmable logic supplier Altera Corp. said Monday (May 8) it has established a special committee of independent directors to review the company's stock option practices from 1996 to 2000.

The move follows an internal review by Altera's management of stock option practices and related accounting.” The disclosure casts a new and bigger shadow over the lack of corporate governance and questionable business practices in the industry.

In a statement issued Monday, Altera said the special committee would be assisted by independent legal counsel and outside accounting experts. Altera said it initiated the review following recent media reports about stock option practices at other companies. Semiconductor suppliers Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. and Power Integrations Inc. have recently undergone management shakeups related to internal investigations of stock options granting practices. Chip-equipment vendor Brooks Automation Inc. is also reviewing its past stock option grants.

Although the impact to the company's historical financial statements is not yet known, the company does not expect the review to result in material changes to its historical revenues or non-option related operating expenses,” the statement said.


The losses include a charge of $18.6 million for early debt retirement, restructuring charges of $2.4 million, and $7.2 million to settle a lawsuit related to the acquisition of New Focus.

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