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<p>The company's high-density architecture products include process-optimized” memories and memory-compilers, special I/Os, and a wide range of core cells and macrocells.</p>

The MAX1612 delivers 5 V and the MAX1613 3.3 V. Both include a trickle-charge timer. Prices start at $2.89 each in thousands.

The Siliconix and Telefunken lines fit in well with Reptron's Design Creation” environment, and help to fill many technology gaps on the Reptron's line card, said Keith Steenland, vice president of marketing, semiconductors for Reptron's Distribution Division.

Furthermore, Vishay has the potential to become Reptron's largest line, said Jack Killoren, Reptron's vice president of marketing for passive and electromechanical products.

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Last August, Vishay said it was in the process of trimming its distribution roster of about 35, and unifying all of its products under the single Vishay banner. Eventually, the company expects to make its entire product offering available to all of its distributors.

Vishay, Malvern, Pa., with annual sales of $1.6 billion, is the largest U.S. and European manufacturer of passive electronic components (resistors, capacitors, inductors) and a major producer of discrete semiconductors (diodes, optoelectronics, transistors), IRDCs (Infrared Communication Devices) and power integrated circuits.

Reptron's net sales for fiscal 1998 were flat, at $302.8 million, compared with $303.9 million in 1997. The distributor posted a loss of $13.1 million for the year, vs. fiscal 1997 net income of $6.1 million.

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Silicon Valley Fearing that it is losing ground in the fiber-optic connector wars, 3M Co. ispressing one of its groups into service as an independent company chartered tomarket 3M”s VF-45 interconnect technology.

The operation, set up late last year, originally was charged with garneringsupport from OEMs and connector makers for VF-45, a small-form-factorinterconnect technology andcabling system used in 10-,100-, and 1,000-Mbit Ethernet communications applications. Known as the VF-45Action Group, the unit also was ordered to wage a fierce propaganda war againstcompeting fiber-optic connector camps, namely the MT-RJ interconnect technologyeffort led by AMP Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co., and others.

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Fiber-optic connections to the desktop or backbone have run as high as $200 perport. At such a price, sales of fiber-optic duplex connectors totaled only $6million in 1997, according to Bishop and Associates Inc., a St. Charles, Ill.,connector research firm.

New, lower-cost fiber-optic standards such as VF-45 could reduce connector costsby about $65 per port and help the market achieve a projected five-yearcompound annual growth rate of 27.5%, analysts contend.

The company, which helps supply brain power to the region's utilities, needs substation engineers, distribution-design and planning engineers, as well as people with transmission-engineering experience, Drayton said.

Southern Engineering is far from the only game in town. A recent search of the Atlanta-Journal Constitution's Web site turned up nearly 150 postings for engineering hires. Of course, many were for mechanical, civil and environmental degree holders, but many, too, were for EEs. The paper also drew ads from companies as distant as South Carolina, Alabama and Virginia, which evidently consider the area a viable source of talent. The city's popularity is not surprising, considering that Georgia Tech, one of the nation's top engineering schools, is located in Atlanta.

The city and its major suburbs, which include Duluth, Alpharetta and Norcross, the high-tech corridor burb, are home to some of America's biggest tech companies. More than 360 of the Fortune 500 have outposts in Georgia and some, including Delta Airlines, which has a couple of engineering openings these days, are headquartered in the Atlanta metro area. Tech titans IBM, Lucent, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard all have operations in the area. In telecommunications, Nortel, MCI-WorldCom and Bell South are all big players. Other large employers include Electromagnetic Sciences Inc. and Lockheed Martin Corp.

Scientific Atlanta, a billion-dollar satellite and land-based networking company, has a slew of openings for EEs, including candidates with master's-level training, broadband RF experience, and microprocessing and analog audio and video-systems skills. Also needed: at least four computer scientists and software engineers.

Motorola has a facility in Lawrenceville, and is hunting for a lead electrical engineer to work on smart-battery-products. The ideal candidate will have six to eight years' experience in product development.

LOS ANGELES — The OpenTelecom consortium will burst on the scene at the CT Expo conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday, giving up its source code to the cause of rapid growth for computer telephony.

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