<p>Gerhard Ott tror att vi får vänta 6 till 9 månader innan det vänder. Han säger att det är hans högst personliga uppfattning och medger att det finns bedömare som tror att det dröjer ännu längre.</p>

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Nelson says that a version of c.Support that runs with Microsoft Exchange will be available before the end of the year, but he doesn't predict that it will replace the existing version. There will always be a contingent of companies that choose Lotus and Domino,” he says. We're trying to help companies better leverage their existing investments, instead of telling them to bring in an entirely new database.”

You pay $6,000 for each server running c.Support and $795 per agent. c.Support IT costs $10,000 and $595 per agent.

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Applied Innovation Management (Las Vegas, NV) has two products: HelpDesk Expert for Customer Support, which provides agents with multimedia communication; and HelpDesk Expert for IT Support, which offers tech support to call center agents and to other employees.

The HelpDesk product line helps on-line customers through a Web browser. The software scans customers' e-mails for keywords to route them to qualified agents. Agents can also attach files, such Adobe Acrobat documents, to e-mails they send customers. For example, if asked about a specific product, an agent can send a brochure as an Adobe Acrobat file. The software also lets customers search an on-line knowledge base from your Web site and download software or multimedia presentations to resolve issues.

Additional modules for the help desk software let agents use a whiteboard to draw diagrams for customers; track the status of customers' service agreements and contracts; and provide on-line surveys to measure customer satisfaction.

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Applied Innovation Management also introduced Liz. The software lets agents listen to customers' recorded phone messages as MP3 files using a PC. The app automatically assigns customers trouble tickets that they can view from your Web site. Agents can use Liz with HelpDesk Expert for Customer Support to play back MP3 files and to view customers' histories through a Web browser.

Using HelpDesk Expert for IT Support, agents can submit trouble tickets to your IT staff by e-mail, check the status of trouble tickets and search a knowledge base to solve problems.

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Andy Bestwick, sales manager for Applied Innovation Management, says that differences between the two versions of HelpDesk Expert mostly pertain to jargon.

But he adds that HelpDesk Expert for Customer Support necessarily includes more features than the IT version of the software, since customer support agents have to help customers with a broader range of requests and issues.

The Avaya Suite runs on Solaris Unix, Windows NT and Windows 2000 servers. The software collects data from Avaya, Nortel and Siemens phone switches, plus Brooktrout and Edify IVR systems. Byrd says that Avaya's customer demographic data prompted the company to make the software compatible with third-party devices.

If you're deploying 20 people in some back room, jamming everything on an NT server is fine,” says Byrd.

The Avaya suite is also compatible with Siebel Systems' (San Mateo, CA) Siebel 7 CRM software. Byrd explains that agents use the Siebel desktop to create trouble tickets and enter data. The Avaya suite also provides agents with screen pops containing customer information.

Siebel 7, to be made available by year's end, can handle customer support requests through the Internet or an intranet. Agents can use the application with software from Avaya, Cisco, Genesys and other vendors to support different media (e.g., text chat and e-mail using, respectively, Cisco's Web collaboration and Genesys' e-mail management software).

Siebel 7 also lets you set rules for routing each type of message to customers based on your criteria. You can, for example, route messages based on the priority you assign customers; how long customers remain on hold; the media by which they contact your call centers; and the issues they have. So you could, for example, deliver all live calls and text chat requests from your most important customers to your most experienced agents.

Notifact (Fairfield, NJ – 973-227-2900, is an ASP specializing in wireless monitoring of various kinds of electro-mechanical equipment, from rooftop HVAC units to vending machines and oil well pumps. A wireless transceiver mounted near the equipment constantly monitors various input points. When a point limit is exceeded or out of range, the transmitter transmits a code that describes the condition over the North American AMPS (advanced mobile phone system), the legacy analog cellular system, but one with nearly ubiquitous coverage throughout North America. (AMPS' roots go back to 911 cellular, explains Kevin Duffy, Notifact's marketing vice president.)

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