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<p>Database Systems, Phoenix, AZ 602-265-5968/www.databasesystems.com</p>

Hammer Technologies, Wilmington, MA 978-694-9959/www.hammer.com

Harris Communications ProductsDivision, Melbourne, FL 800-888-3763/www.dts.harris.com

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Hello Direct, San Jose, CA 800-444-3556/www.hellodirect.com

Hewlett Packard, Palo Alto, CA 888-290-8950/www.hp.com/go/smartconnect

Hunt Group Intl., Chicago, IL 773-764-2700/www.hunt-group.com

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IBM, Armonk, NY 914-499-1900/www.ibm.com

IEX, Richardson, TX 972-301-1300/www.iex.com

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IMA (Information Management Associates), Shelton, CT 800-776-0462/www.imaedge.com

Immix Telecom, Margate, FL 954-968-5725/www.immixtel.com

Placing emphasis on practical how-to” guidance, this 2011 book from Artech House provides you with a first-hand, insider’s perspective on the advent and evolution of smart grids in the 21st century (smart grid 1.0). It offers a thorough understanding of the building blocks that comprise basic smart grids, including power plant, transmission substation, distribution, and meter automation.

Moreover, this forward-looking volume explores the next step of this technology’s evolution. It provides a detailed explanation of how an advanced smart grid incorporates demand response with smart appliances and management mechanisms for distributed generation, energy storage, and electric vehicles.

The Advanced Smart Grid uses the design and construction of the first citywide smart grid in the US as a case study, sharing the many successes and lessons learned. You gain working knowledge of successful tools and best practices that are needed to overcome diverse technological and organizational challenges as you strive to build a next-generation advanced smart grid (smart grid 2.0). Additionally, this unique book offers a glimpse at the future with interconnected advanced smart grid s and a redesigned energy ecosystem (smart grid 3.0).

   We are pleased to present Chapter One of this book, in two parts. (This chapter is provided through the courtesy and with the permission of the publisher, Artech House, who reserve all rights to the material; to read the publisher’s web-site entry on this book, click here .)


The bit cell name (ram6t) tells the tool the name of the hierarchical layout element that describes a memory unit that can be repaired and should be considered in the analysis. This enables it to calculate the critical area of the entire memory core (all instantiations of ram6t).

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