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<p>Paul O'Donovan, digital TV analyst at market researcher Dataquest, said: The only thing the problems at ITV Digital do is hit consumer confidence in digital TV. Digital TV is not pay TV. Most people do not want to pay for TV on a subscription basis.”</p>

The challenge will therefore be to design a system solution that compensates for the thermal drift dynamically, so that the circuit's output shows no voltage across the whole temperature range when no pressure is being sensed. In addition, the circuit's output should show a constant value across the whole temperature range for a given pressure value.

Communicating the Benefits

To create strategic value, call center leadership must communicate the contribution of the call center across the organization. Building internal visibility and collaboration requires ongoing communication with key individuals and departments. To elicit support from both inside and outside the call center, call center managers and executives must know how their centers operate. And they must communicate the value the call center brings to the organization by broadly defining quality in customer contacts.

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When, however, call center leaders perpetuate a poor understanding of the relationship between service level and quality, they place an untenable tradeoff on agents' shoulders. But agents are the nexus between customer contacts and significant organization-wide strategic value. To realize that value, agents must be properly equipped and trained. And they must be guided by high service level and quality objectives and supported by accurate resource plans.

Service level versus quality? Nope. Thank goodness, the two go hand-in-hand. And there's a much bigger and much more positive relationship at stake.

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-Brad Cleveland is president of Annapolis, Maryland based Incoming Calls Management Institute (ICMI), an independent think tank that provides call center management seminars, publications and consulting in over 20 countries. Brad can be reached at or .

The Call Center's Contribution to Other Business Units

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Business Unit: Marketing

Benefits Provided by the Call Center:

Techie or no, you'll undoubtedly take a keen interest in our many other presentations. Example: a joint keynote presentation on May 9 by Brad Cleveland, president of the Incoming Calls Management Institute (ICMI); and Kathleen Peterson, chief vision officer of PowerHouse Consulting. The two widely recognized experts will explore best practices at the world's top call centers.

Taking center stage on May 9, too, is our site selection summit. Back by popular demand, the interactive panel session will bring together six distinguished panelists. Among them are Susan de Jong, executive consultant at Siemens Enterprise Networks; Bryan Thomason, vice president of Human Resources at Hilton Reservations Worldwide; and James Trobaugh, a senior vice president at CB Richard Ellis Call Center Solutions Group. Also among the panelists are Andrew Shapiro, director location strategies, Stadtmauer, Bailkin, Biggins; Linda Lauritzen, Manpower's director of Global Call Center Services; and, not least, Call Center Magazine's Services Editor Brendan Read.

Then, on Friday, May 10, you'll get to meet — and pose tough questions to — the panel's experts in roundtable discussions.

Have we got your interest? For more information on the event, and to register, call us at 888-428-3976 ext. 2 or 917-305-3377 ext. 2. Or visit us at See you at the show!

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