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<p>DesignArena is a client-server based tool that can be deployed on a web page for library and IP vendors, and is designed so that it can keep the details of a technology and IP library confidential and concealed from the end-user. The user interacts with a Java based client to select and configure IP blocks, define I/O pins and estimate die area. The tool can produce a preliminary floorplan and data sheets.</p>

The site, Signals, Systems and Control, uses interactive demonstrations to provide tutoring on 20 difficult electrical-engineering concepts.

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U.S. production of computers & peripherals and semiconductors & components both rose in December while telecom equipment production continued to decline.

The gain from November was 0.3% for computers & peripherals and 1.4% for semiconductors & components. This was the second consecutive monthly rise for computers and the fourth for semiconductors. Telecom equipment declined 3.0%.

Total industrial production declined a slim 0.1%. Durable goods output was steady for the second month while non-durables output fell 0.3% after a 0.5% drop in November. At the beginning of the recession, durables production fell sharply due to surplus inventory while non-durables production continued to rise slowly, supported by rising employment and income. The reversal of the pattern is usually a sign that the recession is nearly over. The surplus inventory is nearly gone in most industries and employment has been falling sharply with income gains tapering off to 0.0%.

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Expect a delay of more than a year between the start of the recovery in electronics and the time when the industry is recovered.” Capacity utilization is currently 61% for components and computers and only 56% and still falling for telecom equipment. For comparison, all durable goods manufacturers are operating at 70% capacity.

Newport Beach, Calif. – Two multirate, 3.2-Gbit/second, 144 x 144 crosspoint switches from Mindspeed Technologies target next-generation optical cross-connects, storage-area network systems, packet switching, high-speed test equipment and backplane switching applications.

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The M21155 integrates clock-and-data recovery (CDR) and input equalization for large-scale switching systems that require high performance and a low pin count. For applications that do not need integrated CDR, the M21150 with input equalization offers a low-power solution, the company said.

The M21155 enables the development of next-generation 1,024 x 1,024-channel cross-connect systems in a chassis the same size or smaller than today's 512 x 512 systems. It consumes 18 watts, or 60 percent less other products that combine a crosspoint switch with clock-and-data recovery, the company said. The M21150 consumes 12 W, or half as much as competing devices, according to Mindspeed.

The company's concurrent engineering” partner in the development of new design tools and methodologies for the RF chip technology was the University of Catania.

Former members of Zuken Redac's research team in the UK are combining their own work with the PCB design tool company's intellectual property (IP) to build a shape-based, gridless router for IC design that is expected to be released in March.

Bristol-based start-up Pulsic aims to provide tools for large asic designs that are today based on fixed routing grids. But the company's first offering in IC routing will be aimed at semi-custom and mixed-signal designs.

Mark Williams, Pulsic's CEO, with co-founders Mark Waller and Fumiaki Sato, worked in the late 1990s on Zuken's project to convert the gridless, shape-based technology now commonly used in PCB design to the IC environment.

The technology was sold to a US start-up Chip&Chip after Zuken decided that it would concentrate on the PCB space. After leaving Zuken, Williams and his team worked on a separate effort.

Professor Michael Sailor, head of the project, said: We're making a silicon nanocrystal which has such a high surface area that it burns very quickly. The faster the burn, the bigger the bang.”

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