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D'après ce même rapport, les unités de circuits intégrés devraient enregistrer une croissance de 15% en 2003 par rapport à l'année dernière. Cela représente une augmentation de 4 points par rapport aux prévisions, publiées précédemment par IC Insights pour l'année 2003. Celles-ci indiquaient une augmentation de 11%.

In China, silicon foundry startup Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC) is expanding–albeit mostly DRAM capacity. Specifically, SMIC is projected to be above 92 percent utilization within the next two months,” according to the report.

Not surprisingly, silicon foundry giant Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (TSMC) is supposedly adding capacity. South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.'s is also expanding its fabs, while Elpida Memory Inc., Sony Corp., and Toshiba Corp. are separately adding capacity in Japan.


It's also a mixed bag for chip-equipment vendors. We are informed that Novellus Systems Inc. has ordered enough subsystems to build and ship 11 Sabre tools in Q3,” the report said, referring to Novellus' line of metal electrofill tools. This indicates another flat quarter so far.”

On Monday, chip-equipment maker Novellus reported sales of $239.1 million for its second quarter ended June 28, flat from $238.4 million in the previous quarter and up 7.6 percent from $222.1 million in the like period a year ago.

The second quarter net income was $7.4 million, or $0.05 per diluted share. Net income was down 37.4 percent from the first quarter 2003 net income of $11.9 million, or $0.08 per diluted share, and down 38.2 percent from the second quarter 2002 net income of $12.0 million, or $0.08 per diluted share ( see July 21 story ).


In a conference call with analysts, San Jose-based Novellus expects that it order rates will jump 14 percent in the third quarter over the previous period.

The picture at Applied Materials Inc. is also murky. With regard to Applied, we see a focus on improving service revenues, which is not generally a positive indicator of firming orders in the equipment market,” according to the report.


Meanwhile, ASML Holding NV is off to a dismal start in 2003. Last week, the company announced a major layoff and a loss ( see July 16 story ).

It goes from bad to worse. ASML has minimal bookings at the present time, logging approximately 12 TwinScans due this quarter,” according to the report.

Tweaking and tuning” can be performed on the front end of new designs rather than later. Still, the ultimate mission never changes: faster time-to-market for SoCs incorporating analog cell blocks.

San Jose, Calif. – Fairchild Semiconductor's 30-volt, 9-milliohm FDC796N and its 100-V, 70-m ohms FDC3616N PowerTrench n-channel MOSFETs, each in a SuperSOT-6 FLMP (flip-chip in a leaded molded package) are suited to small-form-factor dc/dc power supplies found in applications ranging from telecom equipment and Internet hubs and routers, to instrumentation and automatic test equipment.

Intended to save pc-board space without sacrificing power dissipation, these power devices, which occupy 30 percent of the board of an SO-8, are rated for a Pd of 1.8 W. The FDC796N and the FDC3616N each offers low gate charge (typically 14 and 23 nanocoulombs, respectively, in a package occupying 9 mm2).

With continued advances in MOSFET technology, one key challenge is to design packages that can keep up with silicon improvements,” said David Grey, Fairchild's technical market manager for dc/dc converter applications. The FLMP concept used in these two MOSFETs successfully reduces the electrical and thermal losses of the package to a minimum.”

The company's FLMP package eliminates conventional wire bonds and provides a very low thermal-resistance path between the pc board and the MOSFET die (drain connection).

The concept is not new. Organizations with more financial muscle and proven track records in futures trading have tried it, none with success. Yet, SFX hopes its first-hand knowledge of the chip market will lend credibility to the enterprise.

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