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<p>Membrane durability has always been one of the key technical challenges faced by fuel cell manufacturers, as it translates directly to the lifetime of a fuel cell,” said Jim Balcom, president and CEO of PolyFuel, in a statement. In applications targeted for portable fuel cells, consumers are acclimatized to battery lifetimes in the 2,000-to-3,000 hour range for their portable devices. Quite understandably, electronics manufacturers and fuel cell developers see this as a crucial benchmark.”</p>

Packningstillverkare har utvecklat ett antal profiler som ger en kombination av miljöförsegling med svag stängningskraft samt god kontakt för pålitlig elektrisk skärmning. En av de mest effektiva är omegaprofilen.Angående problemet med korrosion så har fyllningar bestående av silver/aluminium eller nickel/grafit befunnits ha de bästa galvaniska egenskaperna. Förutom utmärkt motståndskraft mot saltkorrosion och regn så har båda materialen god motståndskraft mot värme och fuktighet.

The end-to-end dynamic range offered by the core is said to be significantly better than other available solutions, and a fractional re-sampler is included that allows rate selection with sub-Hertz resolution.

Key features include support for two 16-bit ADC inputs each with a sample rate up to 140 MS/s, 64 independent down-conversion channels, which may be connected to either ADC and independent tuning of channel centre frequencies with a resolution of greater than 0.01Hz. The core maintains an end-to-end dynamic range of at least 80dB including the output resampler stage.


The licensing arrangement includes a bit-true Matlab model that allows designers to accurately simulate ChannelCore64 within their system.

LONDON — As expected Actel Corp. has announced the availability of a soft ARM7 family processor optimized for use in Actel field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).

Under an agreement with ARM Holdings plc (Cambridge, England), announced in March 2005, Actel (Mountain View, Calif.) is offering the CoreMP7 32-bit ARM7TDMI microprocessor for use in its products free of license fees. To prevent the CoreMP7 being used elsewhere special security features have been applied to ensure the core can only be used in Actel’s ARM-ready FPGAs, starting with Actel’s ProASIC3 family, the company said.


The CoreMP7 operates at clock frequencies of up to 25-MHz. The M7A3P250, M7A3PE600 and M7A3P1000 devices are sampling now, Actel said.

With the release of CoreMP7, we are extending the reach of the ARM architecture to include markets that could not previously afford individual access to this technology,” said Dennis Kish, vice president of marketing of Actel, in a statement.


The unrivaled security features of Actel’s nonvolatile FPGAs have enabled a soft IP version of the ARM7 architecture to be made available in a programmable logic device for the first time,” said Mike Inglis, ARM’s executive vice president of marketing, in the same statement.

BERNIN – Nouveau record chez Soitec. Profitant de l’adoption croissante du SOI (Silicium sur Isolant), le groupe isérois a enregistré, au titre du deuxième trimestre de son exercice fiscal 2005-2006, un chiffre d’affaires de 64,4 millions d’euros, en hausse de 87,4% en glissement annuel.

Decisive factors which have influenced this decision are fundamental changes in the CE landscape, brought about by digitisation, and convergence of products, networks and content. The pace of innovation in the CE industry and in IT and telecommunications is speeding up, and increasingly these sectors are converging. As the initial highlight of the retail season the IFA is the most important trade fair for doing business, and in future will be able to take on the role occupied by several minor events. Consumers too are interested in learning about new products at ever shorter intervals. The media will have an important event to talk about every year, and similar trade fairs at international level are also held on an annual basis.

The dates of the upcoming IFA, the world’s leading consumer electronics event, are 1 to 6 September 2006, the customary start to the CE retail trade season.

At today’s city hall press conference Berlin’s Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit, who was heavily in support of an annual event, endorsed the decision as a move which would strengthen Berlin’s standing as a trade fair venue and as a hub for the media world, and give added momentum to the regional economy.”

Messe Berlin COO Dr. Christian Göke stressed that influencing this decision were the fact that the IFA 2005 was able to strengthen its position as the industry’s number one marketing platform and the fact that it was the retail trade’s largest European meeting place for business.”

Hans-Joachim Kamp, Chairman of the Consumer Electronics Trade Association, part of the industry organisation ZVEI: Holding the IFA annually on its customary dates at the beginning of the season will further improve its standing as the trade fair for doing business. The IFA is the industry’s central marketplace.”

Als Holger Roeding 1976 seine Stelle beim Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden (ZMD) antrat, waren moderne Anlagen und Geräte nur sehr schwer zu bekommen. Denn die damalige Bundesrepublik hatte über Technologie-Transfers in die DDR ein Embargo verhängt. Einige Geräte fanden dann aber doch auf ominösen Wegen ihren Weg über die Berliner Mauer und wurden von den ZMD-Ingenieuren so gut wie möglich nachgebaut. Wir hatten Tools, die wir eigentlich nicht haben sollten. Aber fragen Sie mich nicht, woher die kamen – ich habe keine Ahnung”, erklärt Roeding.

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