A crop of low-power server SoCs are on the way from both Intel and partners of ARM. Intel will get the first design win for one of the parts at Facebook, but it will be used in an embedded server.

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A crop of low-power server SoCs are on the way from both Intel and partners of ARM. Intel will get the first design win for one of the parts at Facebook, but it will be used in an embedded server.

I said this could be on your P&L or mine. They said they couldn't do it — the IBM check was for like $125 million, and the margins on PCs by then were already razor thin,” he said, recalling how he then tore the check up in front of them. About three weeks into the next quarter, they signed up,” he said.

Later, Intel was able to get industry publications to agree to a single rate card for Intel Inside ads, despite initial refusals from Ziff-Davis, one of the biggest publishers of the time, House said.

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As the PC market and Intel's share of it grew, regulators cranked up antitrust investigations. I wasn't there then, so I'm just an informed observer, but there were an awful lot of lobbying and PR battles,” he said.

In any sales situation when there's a shortage of product and a salesman has a quota, there's a temptation for the salesman to say, 'I'm having trouble getting allocation from the factory but if you work with me I can help,'” House said. How you can control that, I don’t know.”

House treated his time at the CPU giant partly as a front row seat on its evolving style of high management.

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I had Andy Grove as my manager for 13 years and during that time he wrote three management books,” he said. We owned a sailboat and took ski trips together and he bounced ideas off staff about the books — I considered Andy a great guru,” he added.

Intel is well known for its culture of so-called constructive confrontation, which puts decisions into heated debate.

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At Intel, it was almost advocated you need to fight more, but that doesn’t work in all cultures — it doesn’t work in Japan, and it's different in Germany and China,” said House. I prefer what I call straight talk — constructive confrontation is an American methodology, but straight talk is international,” he added.

The most important process in any organization — and it's not discussed at a significant level — is decision making,” said House.

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FOSTER CITY, Calif. — A market for buying and selling patents is emerging as companies file more patents and get hit with more infringement suits, said a panel of experts at a lunch event sponsored by the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Licensing Executives Society. But figuring out the value of a patent or the potential cost of litigation is still a black art, they added.

The patent system is still painfully imperfect, said panelists representing large and small product companies and two patent service providers. But a kind of patent marketplace is starting to emerge and companies are getting more savvy about how to use it, they said.

We can build a full, robust IP strategy on a startup's budget and still have some of the same things we had at Apple,” said Richard Chip” Lutton, general counsel at startup Nest Labs and former chief patent counsel at Apple.

It's a way different [patent] market than it was five years ago, and I think that's a great opportunity,” said Lutton, noting panelists from RPX Corp. and Intellectual Ventures who license patents. We want to accumulate IP for defense and trading purposes, just like any other company,” he said.


In its filing, SunEdison quoted Gartner estimates of the size of the market it operates in. The merchant semiconductor silicon wafer market in 2012 was approximately $9 billion worldwide and is expected to grow at a 5.1 percet compound annual growth rate from 2012 to 2017, reaching approximately $12 billion by 2017, the market research firm projects.

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