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La technologie WebSIM de Transim permet la vérification instantannée de la conception proposée. Des itérations de conception multiples peuvent être analysées en l'espace de minutes sans avoir besoin d'installer et d'apprendre un logiciel. Les signaux résultants comme les courbes de Bode et les courbes de tensions sont disponibles pour analyse dans une fenêtre d'analyse interactive. Les caractéristiques de la conception, les schémas, les résultats et le prix des composants necessaires (BOM) peuvent être imprimés, ou sauvegardés dans un espace de conception privé de l'utilisateur pour une utilisation future. De plus, EE-Sim est disponible comme outil de simulation téléchargeable gratuitement.


LONDON — Interested, a collaborative research project intended to bring embedded systems development tools together from European vendors, to create tool chains, is set to get a total of 5.4 million euro (about $6.9 million) of funding towards the cost.


The total budget of 7.4 million euro (about $9.5 million), according to Eric Bantegnie, CEO of Esterel Technologies SA (Elancourt, France), who coordinates up the project. The tax payers' contribution to the project therefore represents 73 percent of the total.

The three-year project began on Jan. 1, 2008 and has therefore been running for 14 months and has 22 months left to run.

The participants include: AbsInt Angewandte Informatik GmbH (Saarbrucken,Germany), Artisan Software Tools Ltd. (Cheltenham, England), Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique (Grenoble, France), Esterel Technologies, Evidence Srl (Pisa, Italy), Symtavision GmbH (Braunschweig, Germany), Sysgo AG (Klein Winternheim, Germany), TTTech Computertechnik AG (Vienna, Austria) and Unis AS (Brno, Czech Republic). The project also includes European companies representing developers of embedded systems in various domains; Airbus, Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique, Magneti Marelli, Siemens Mobility Division and Thales.


Interested has a web-page at


Congatec AG presents the conga-ARkit, a complete solution package for the implementation of PLC functions.

Molex Incorporated and Neoconix have developed a flexible copper high-density and speed (HD&S) interposer in a tool-less, easy-to-use configuration.  Available now, Molex’s FlexBeam™ Tool-Less Copper Flex Interposer is a low-profile, flex-to-board interface that provides densities of 1.00mm (.039”) or less in a variety of pin-matrix configurations.  The combination of Molex’s high speed copper flex assembly integrated with Neoconix’s HD&S PCBeam™ interposer provides a high-density and high-speed interface for flex-to-PCBA applications.

Molex’s FlexBeam™ Tool-Less Copper Flex Interposer is ideal for use in the server, mass storage, medical imaging, automatic test equipment (ATE), military command and control centre markets.  It features durable, all-metal spring beams permanently embedded onto an FR-4 substrate, adding a third dimension (z-axis) to traditional two-dimensional PCB processing, in a high-density configuration. 

Its photolithography and etch-based manufacturing process allows excellent dimensional control compared to traditional stamping and moulding, and the process is scalable to very fine feature sizes for space constrained applications.  Typical configurations provide 0.152mm (.006”) of true mechanical compliance per side at 1.00mm (.039”) pitch to ensure high reliability.  An innovative dual-beam option is also available to provide contact redundancy in high-reliability applications.

The integrated copper flex assembly with PCBeam interposer allows differential signal speeds of greater than 10 Gbps and single-ended speeds of 4 GHz and higher, with cross talk of less than three percent in a pin-matrix configuration. Moreover, the copper flex assembly will provide the contact configuration to allow for board-to-flex pin counts of 500 input/outputs or greater.

For additional information on Molex’s FlexBeam Tool-Less Copper Flex Interposer, please visit: For more technical information on Neoconix’s HD&S PCBeam interposer, please visit:


As well as being backed by Temasek subsidiary ST Semiconductors, the offering is being underwritten by Citi, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley, who are also the joint lead managers of the offering. The directors, including the CEO, of Chartered who are eligible to participate in this offering also intend to take up their entitlements under this offering in part or in full, the company said.

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