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<p>Bourgoin said both sides had wanted a cash deal. MIPS shareholders did not want to dilute the stock, and Chipidea's VC investors–who held 65 percent of the company–preferred cash payment.</p>

SIA förutspår att den totala ökningen 2007 stannar vid redan prognostiserade 1,8 procents ökning.

BENGALURU, India — The India Semiconductor Association (ISA) has signed a memorandum of understanding in Taipei with the Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA) aimed at improving business links between semiconductor companies in the two nations. ISA chairman S. Janakiraman and TSIA chairman Frank C. Huang signed the pact.


There have been previous visits by industry groups to the other's countries in search of potential partnerships in previous years. Taiwanese hardware and semiconductor companies look to use Indian hardware and chip-design skills, while Indian firms have often said they would try to scale up the value chain by providing designs to Taiwan's well-known hardware manufacturers.

Our organizations have agreed to cooperate with each other on a number of activities,” said Janakiraman, key among them being to encourage members to partner with one another in mutually beneficial activities relating to the semiconductor industry, to work together to promote and attend international exhibitions and seminars, and to assist, upon request, on company visits for trade delegations.”

We see immense potential for successful partnerships between our member companies” TSIA's Huang said. Both countries have inherent strengths in this field and industry can definitely forge a winning partnership.”


The TSIA has 150 members, including companies engaged in semiconductor R&D, design, manufacturing, packaging, testing, equipment and materials, while the ISA membership is dominated by design services companies.

LONDON — In a major reorganization of the senior management structure at Omron Electronic Components Business , Mark Jones has been promoted from vice president of sales and marketing to chief operating officer for European operations.


The move is part of a strategy to restructure around regional COO's under Masashi Nakano, Chief Executive Officer, Global Business development and Soichi Yukawa, ECB President.

Jones will have full responsibility for the business in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia.

Prime Sense was founded by a team of entrepreneurs led by Aviad Maizels, former CEO and president to date, and Alex Shpunt, CTO. A good understanding of the market, a bright team, hard work imbued with persistency and great partners have led to good market responses and a successful A-round,” said Maizels, in a statement.

Prime Sense's disruptive technology enables paradigm shift in numerous vertical markets in the way machines will interact with people,” said Beracha, former CEO of DSP Group, in the same statement.

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Because our silicon laser is so powerful and its pulses so well timed, we could combine, say, four 40-Gbit-per-second lasers into a single 160-Gbit-per-second signal,” said Koch. One other thing we hope to do is separate all the wavelengths coming out of each pulse, to create an array of wavelengths that could be separately modulated then recombined for multi-channel communications over a single fiber.”

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