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<p>The VSC8122 is a full-featured CRU performing clock and data recovery forOC-48, OC-24, OC-12, OC-3, and Gigabit Ethernet systems. The device uses aselectable input reference clock of either 19.44, 38.88, 77.76, or 155.52 MHzand maintains clock output even in the absence of data.</p>

Yet some observers are questioning whether Avnet can rationalize the high front-end costs associated with leading-edge chip designs for low-volume production runs. At 0.25 micron, the cost of a mask set is roughly $250,000, said Jordan Selburn, an analyst with Dataquest Inc., San Jose.

For reasons that Slater said he was not privy to, Cyrix was unable to boost its speeds. The fastest processor from Cyrix ran at only 250 MHz, though Cyrix argued that its true processing performance earned it the right to call the processor a 366-MHz equivalent. But with consumers fixated on megahertz, Cyrix got crushed by Intel and Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

The good news for AMD is that now they are essentially unchallenged” in competing against Intel in the consumer part of the market, Slater said. Competitors such as Rise Technology and IDT's Centaur division are not at the performance points that AMD is capable of reaching with its K7 design, slated to ship this summer.

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Though National said it would lay off 500, another 300 jobs at Cyrix's Richardson, Texas, design facility hang on National's ability to find a buyer. Slater said a sale would need to come by August if National is to meet its objective of returning to profitability by the September quarter.

All of those 300 people are probably going to be out looking for job,” Slater said. National will have to decide to sell or terminate by August. There is a good chance that they can sell it. But I am sure that any engineer working at a computer OEM that has designed in Cyrix is working late now to find an alternative. As of today, all of Cyrix's design wins are gone, and they are going to have to rebuild from nothing.”

John Lazlo, a senior vice president of research at PaineWebber in San Francisco, cheered National's decision. Lazlo said Cyrix lost about $150 million on revenue of only $200 million last year.

all types of transistors

Cyrix just couldn't deliver the megahertz, which is what [people] look for,” Lazlo noted.

National is still expected to launch a highly integrated X86 device — and one OEM user of that device — at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan next month. Speaking before Wednesday's announcement to exit the PC processor business, Jean-Louis Bories, general manager of the Cyrix group, said the chip would include the GMX core, north and south bridge logic, MPEG-2 and DVD capabilities.

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Bories took charge of the Cyrix unit just three months ago. Among his first acts was a move to split the group into an information-appliance unit around the GMX core and a PC-processor unit. He also cancelled the MediaGxi processor as too late for the PC market and too advanced for set-tops. But as recently as this past Monday, Bories said that Cyrix hoped to see samples of its first X86 CPU using the company's new Cayenne core by late this month.

— David Lammers and Rick Merritt contributed to this story.

Trenton also announced the CB Basic configuration without the built-in video, Ethernet, or SCSI interfaces of the full-featured version.

TR-P2BX is a Pentium II processor-based PCI SBC (that comes in five models up to 400 MHz) with an Intel 440BX AGP chipset and a 100MHz system bus and SDRAM. It uses Trenton's signature flush-mounted processor design, which saves valuable backplane slots, and integrated on-board 10/100Base-T Ethernet,Ultra Wide SCSI and AGP SVGA interfaces along with 2 MB of Rambus memory.

Other on-board goodies include dual PCI Ultra DMA/33 EIDE,floppy interface, two serial ports, a parallel port, a PS/2 mouse port, and two USB 1.0 ports. A system hardware monitor racks system voltages, temperature, and fan speed.

– Zippy Grigonis

We recommend that call centers go into single-floor buildings. But if you have limited time to get your center operational and the available single-floor space does not have expansion room, then a multi-floorbuilding could work for you,” says Bob Stinson, president of theStinson Design Group (Houston, TX).

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