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<p>The company's strategic technological developments feature an enhanced focus on micro-machined relays, micro lens arrays for displays used in PDAs and cell phones, investment in product-line expansion with a special emphasis on power printed-circuit-board relays, and the development of the B3B flat tactile dome switch.</p>

And it is in the future where this may all pay off. With a better view of the next several years, combined with amazing growth in cell phones and other end-use applications for flash, the segment may not fall into the trap of excess capacity leading into a downturn. According to Wawrzyniak, additional flash capacity coming on line will bring capacity almost perfectly in line with demand in 2002, and there could be a very slight oversupply through 2003. But by the following year, demand will again slightly outpace supply.

Since it named-and then later dropped-Sega Enterprises Ltd. from a short-lived suit filed earlier this year against Hitachi, Rambus has made no new moves to add OEMs to its roster of legal targets.

The sheer number of lawsuits involving Rambus in courts worldwide is running up the company's legal expenses, and may have lessened the chance that it would involve OEMs, Semico's Merritt said. An executive at one DRAM company agreed, saying, Most of our OEM customers are now watching the Rambus legal battles closely, after taking their own precautions early on.”


In addition to at least temporarily clearing any SDRAM-related legal issues, NEC's patent license gives it rights to develop a 1.06-GHz Direct Rambus DRAM chip. Separately, Rambus last week said that Panasonic and Sony are shipping 128-Mbit Direct RDRAM in HDTV set-top boxes that are processing digital satellite broadcasts from the Sydney, Australia, Olympic games.

SUNNYVALE, CALIF. — Fujitsu Takamisawa America Inc.'s external, Ultra2 SCSI III terminator can automatically switch between low-voltage differential and single-ended transmission modes.

Using integrated circuitry to monitor the connection mode within a single SCSI domain, the FCN-239P terminator sustains the faster communication rates of LVD devices while supporting single-ended devices, the company said. As a result, OEMs, VARs and systems integrators need stock only one type of terminator.


The terminator is approximately one-third the size of a conventional SCSI III terminator, according to the company. It features a dual-cover system, consisting of ABS resin within a steel shell, to protect against electrostatic discharge and electromagnetic interference.

Available in 68 positions, the FCN-239P is constructed of a copper-alloy conductor. Operating temperature range is 0 degrees C to 55 degrees C.


Pricing is $33.50 each in 1,000-piece quantities, with delivery from stock.

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NDK has staked out high-performance Bluetooth products because it believes the low-cost wireless standard is on the verge of a breakout.

NDK made a major investment in that. We're partnered with chips for 'print and approval,'” Domanico said. We're also going to our long-term customers and bombarding them with Bluetooth information. We have eight Bluetooth products in computer and communications applications.

This is our future,” Domanico said. We want to have the ability to immediately produce high-end VCXOs and OCXOs.”

NDK has a programmable oscillator in a 5- x 3-mm package that may be ahead of the market,” Domanico said. The company's smallest product is 3.2 x 2.5 mm, and very stable.” Commodity products are typically 8 x 4.5 mm in ceramic packages.



But this situation can be almost entirely avoided with USB 2.0 by using two new types of tokens: Ping and Nyet. The host first determines whether or not an endpoint will be able to accept new data by sending a (short) Ping token packet. The device responds with an appropriate (short) handshake packet to indicate whether or not it can accept new data. If it can't, the host waits for some time before testing the status again with another Ping token packet.

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