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<p>Today, it is ST that is setting tongues wagging with a gaggle of acquisitions, three of them already this year, and all secured at a fraction of what it would have paid three years ago. ST, the world's third-largest semiconductor company by revenue, last week indicated at a meeting of investment analysts that it will keep looking for businesses that complement its IC offerings in the automotive, communications, computer peripherals, and smartcard markets.</p>

Sharp Corp. started the megapixel wave when it introduced on May 22 a model for the J-Phone service with a charge-coupled device (CCD) sensor that is able to capture a 1,144 x 858-pixel image. Sharp was the first company to offer a mobile phone with a built-in camera, in October 2000, and has been cultivating the market ever since. The company has produced 10 million phones with built-in cameras since its initial introduction.

Je pense que ce dirigeant tait un peu ambitieux , estime le porte-parole. C'tait il y a deux ans. l'poque, nous tions encore en train de mettre au point la technologie du cuivre. Aujourd'hui, nous disposons de process mtallisation cuivre 0,18 micron et 0,13 micron parfaitement oprationnels.

Le porte-parole a indiqu qu'Altis dvelopperait une mmoire MRAM 256 Mbits par les process de fabrication CMOS 0,18 micron et 0,13 micron mtallisation cuivre. Altis l'exploite dj sur son site. En mme temps, Altis compte galement mettre en uvre la technologie MRAM par le process de fabrication 90 nanomtres, en cours d'installation dans l'unit de fabrication de plaquettes de la socit.

supercapacitor capacity

La mmoire 256 Mbit est prvue titre de dmonstration technologique et il n'est pas encore tabli si elle sera ou non propose sur le march, a indiqu le porte-parole de la socit. La commercialisation de la MRAM de 256 Mbits, ou d'un produit de plus grande capacit, dpendra de la rapidit laquelle elle pourra tre produite ainsi que de la conjoncture.

C'est un programme sur trois ans. Ce sera fin 2005 ou dbut 2006 , a ajout le porte-parole, confirmant qu'Altis compte investir 170 millions d'euros et crer environ 140 postes techniques au cours des trois prochaines annes. Nous comptons avoir environ 30 40 ingnieurs d'ici la fin de l'anne.

SINGAPORE – In its mid-quarter update, Singapore's Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ptd. Ltd. slightly raised its forecast for the second quarter of 2003, due to increased shipments of wafers based on its new 0.13-micron process technology.

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Originally, the foundry provider projected its sales would hit $117 million, plus or minus $3 million, for the second quarter. It was also supposed to report a loss of $102 million, plus or minus $5 million, in the period.

Now, in the new forecast, it expected to report sales of $123 million, plus or minus $2 million, and a loss of $97.5 million, plus or minus $4 million, for the second quarter.

supercapacitor capacity

In the first quarter of this year, Chartered reported a loss of $75.7 million on sales of $103.8 million. It also made its predictions for the second quarter (see April 16 story ).

It also reported a loss of $90.7 million on sales of $127.5 million in the like period a year ago.

PHS MEMS also offers custom MEMS-based integrated passive device manufacturing, which integrates an IPD and RF switch in the same process flow, for wireless and mobile-communication applications. The devices can be integrated onto a chip or module to eliminate the requirement for discrete devices. Samples are available for evaluation.

Providing wafer-level packaging protection for the MEMS devices before dicing is also key to taking cost out of the manufacturing process, say some MEMS developers. A few suppliers, including PHS MEMS and fabless semiconductor company IC Mechanics Inc. (ICM; Pittsburgh), use a capping process or protective cap, which protects the MEMS device during dicing, die attach and packaging.

ICM's MEMS structure and MEMS sensor manufacturing process produce micromechanical structures that are hermetically sealed to the silicon IC. Such a process results in low-cost manufacturing and low-cost electrical testing of the final product. The company claims it can reduce the cost of a smart-MEMS device by more than 75 percent as compared with comparable existing MEMS devices. Samples of ICM's inertia sensors for hard-disk drives, cell phones and automotive applications are available.

Wafer-level packaging is the answer for some devices, but for others like RF MEMS components, which don't have any moving parts, it's probably not as critical, said Marlene Bourne, senior analyst for MEMS markets and technologies at research firm In-Stat/MDR (Scottsdale, Ariz.).

A few companies are moving toward a CMOS integrated process where a few additional steps are added to a standard CMOS wafer. It's a step in the right direction, but whether it will be embraced is really anyone's guess, Bourne said. In some instances it will be appropriate but in others it won't be feasible, she said.

The auto replenishment and VMI programs have also streamlined Seagate's replenishment cycle time from 29 days to 15 days and has saved tens of millions of dollars a year” in process costs, according to Yandow.

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