<p>Fujitsu plans to continue our technology leadership with focus on R&D, manufacturing capabilities, and driving the adoption of trends in hard disk drive form factor and connectivity,” Hagberg said.</p>

Going forward Renesas expects to follow a market-elastic pricing strategy. Next October and each year after that the company anticipates a price reduction on these parts, in the range of 3% to 5% if things go well, reflective of the overall market demand for semiconductors.

Chipcon is a fabless semiconductor design and manufacturing company. Its standard RF-ICs provide low-cost, low-power and high performance RF solutions for a large number of wireless applications. Chipcon also offers turnkey ASIC development, supporting customers from initial project ideas to volume production. Chipcon's single-chip high-performance RF transceivers and transmitters target low-power wireless applications in the 300 to 1000 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequency bands and are distributed world wide.

For further information contact:Tel: +47 22 95 84 93Chipcon AS:

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The Semiconductor Industry Association Wednesday released a report which again charged that the Value-Added Tax (VAT) China imposes on chip imports is a discriminatory trade barrier in violation of World Trade Organization rules.

The SIA for some time has been seeking to have the VAT for imported semiconductors eliminated. The trade group said semiconductors designed or produced in China qualify for a VAT rebate in excess of 3%, causing imported chips to face a large penalty in the local market.

The SIA report, titled China's Emerging Semiconductor Industry — The Impact of China's Preferential Value-Added Tax on Current Investment Trends,” claimed China's VAT policy puts pressure on foreign chipmakers to design and produce chips in that country or face a cost penalty.

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China agreed to eliminate its import tariffs on semiconductors as part of the reforms implemented when the country joined WTO in 2001. But SIA charged that the remaining VAT levied on imported chips is just as big a trade barrier as the eliminated tariffs. The WTO does not allow countries to eliminate tariffs on the one hand, and arbitrarily impose a tax applied disproportionately on the other,” the report asserted.

MÜNCHEN &#151 Geschäftskunden haben im deutschen PC-Markt die Privatkunden als Nachfragetreiber abgelöst. Damit dürfte der lange erwartete Nachrüstzyklus für PCs begonnen haben.

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Nach einer Studie des Marktforschungsunternehmens Gartner stieg im dritten Quartal die Nachfrage nach geschäftlich genutzten PCs um 9,5 Prozent. Damit kauften seit langer Zeit wieder mehr Geschäftskunden einen PC als Privatanwender. Weil die Privaten aber gleichzeitig 4,8 Prozent weniger PCs kauften, expandierte der Markt daher mur um 3,4 Prozent.

Gleichzeitig fiel der deutsche Markt insgesamt hinter den britischen zurück: Zwischen Flensburg und Bodensee wurden 1,81 Millionen Rechner verkauft; in Großbritannien waren es dagegen 1,86 Millionen. Der westeuropäische Markt legte insgesamt mit einer Wachstumsquote von 13 Prozent viel deutlicher zu als der deutsche.

Wafer shipments should increase by 10 percent in the fourth quarter, while ASP will remain flat. Capacity utilization should exceed 90 percent, pushing operating profit up more than 20 percent. Advanced technology, defined as 0.18-micron and finer geometries, will be more than 45 percent of revenue.

Renesas Technology America, Inc., a U.S. subsidiary of the new joint-venture semiconductor company established by Hitachi, Ltd. and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation today introduced the 16-bit, 25MHz H8 Value Series. The H8 Value Series MCUs are economical versions of the existing and most popular H8 devices that provide optimal performance.

The MCUs in the series combine versatile features, competitive pricing and full-featured development tools. They are ideal for GPS receivers, emission text equipment, label printers, touch screen controllers, bar code scanners, point-of-sale equipment and security systems and many other cost-sensitive products that require larger flash memory and more CPU performance than found in the traditional 8-bit MCUs.

To provide maximum system performance for low cost, the Renesas Value Series MCUs achieve 25MHz operating frequency speeds with a minimum instruction execution time of 40 nanoseconds (ns) for the H8S series devices and 80 ns for the H8/300H series devices. These devices have 4 or 8 Kilobytes (KB) of RAM to choose from and 128KB of ROM (flash or mask type). To address the need of low cost embedded systems, Renesas also offers devices in various operating voltage range – from 3-3.6V for the H8S and H8/300H devices and 4.5-5.5V for some of the H8/300H MCUs.

The H8 Value Series MCUs include a fast, 85-channel data transfer controller (DTC) and 4-channel direct memory access controller (DMAC). These functions off-load the central processing unit (CPU) when data is obtained from and sent to external memory, allowing higher system throughput and performance. Other on-chip resources include timers (8-bit, 16-bit and watchdog), 16-bit programmable pulse generator (PPG), data converters (8- or 12-channel 10-bit ADC and 2- or 4-channel 8-bit DAC), 2 or 3 channels of serial communication interface, and a smart card interface. The devices are available in 100-, 128- and 144-pin QFP packages. To address the need for large on-chip memory, Renesas also plans to offer pin compatible MCUs with 256KB of on-chip flash and Mask ROM next year.

La technologie d'Axon, baptisée PMCm (Programmable Metallization Cell Memory), devrait pouvoir remplacer les dispositifs DRAM et à mémoire flash actuels. Les premiers produits PMCm ne seront pas disponibles avant 2006 au plus tôt.

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