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<p> It is Google, said Huang, that decides when or whether to open source parts of Android, and what patches to merge. Google decides everything. The developers outside Google have no way to get deeply involved,” he asserted.</p>

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In sum, three previous product groups at Freescale – headed by a close-knit management team consisting of Tom Deitrich, Reza Kazerounian and Su – have been consolidated into two new strategic product groups, leaving Deitrich and Kazerounian to divvy up the responsibilities.

Freescale would not say how much lead time Su gave Freescale before her departure, but a spokesman at the company stressed that her resignation was amicable and Freescale has had time to work with Su on the transition.

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PORTLAND, Ore. — Despite China's virtual corner on the market of rare earths, demand is skyrocketing along with investments in new mines worldwide that has some pundits talking of a rare earth bubble.” 

The U.S., Canada, Australia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and even Afghanistan all have strategic efforts underway to reopen rare earth mines, many of which will be producing ore within five years.

According to BCC Research (Wellesley, Mass.), the global market for rare earths will almost double in the next five years, starting at just over 158,200 metric tons in 2011 and growing to 258,000 metric tons by 2016, a compound growth rate of over 10 percent.

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Of the six major market segments, energy and electronics are the smallest, predicted to grow from 27,300 and 12,000 metric tons in 2011, respectively, to 62,000 and 21,300 metric tons by 2015, compound growth rates of  nearly 18- and 12-percent, respectively (see figure below).

According to BCC, rare earths consumption has risen by a factor of three over the last 15 years, but mostly from the other major sectors — metallurgy, glass/ceramics, chemical catalysts — whereas high levels of research and development of new applications requiring rare earths in energy and electronics sectors will increasingly drive worldwide demand over the next five years.

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While the Japanese are all feeling good about having met national ‘energy conservation’ goals this summer, they are girding for the upcoming winter. Energy demands are certain to exceed those experienced in summer.

This time around, though, the electronics industry’s new goal is to make energy saving effortless” for everyone, rather than asking every consumer to persevere.”

The industry sees that the answer may lie in embedded. They want to embed in devices every conceivable smart element  – smart energy control, smart energy consumption to efficient energy storage  and intelligent energy distribution technologies – at home, at work and in communities.

Smart house

The Fukuoka Smart House Consortium built a smart house” complete with solar panels on its roof top and a wind turbine.  The mock-up on display here illustrates how it all ties into the energy control system (shown on the computer screen on the photo) built into the house.


Applications for the AV-0805 temperature variable attenuators include power amplifiers, LNAs, transceiver modules, synthesizers, WIMAX and Wi-Fi equipment, and fixed and mobile satellite radio and test and measurement instrumentation.

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