<p>The team presented its findings at the Network and Distributed System Security Symposium in February in San Diego.</p>

Xsens is a private company that has specialized in 3D motion tracking systems based on MEMS inertial sensors. EE Times Europe reported the acquisition by Fairchild back in March 2014.

But it hasn’t been easy to build such systems. Qubits are notoriously tricky to manipulate, since any disturbance causes them to fall out of their quantum state (or decohere”). Decoherence is the Achilles heel of quantum computing. A key challenge is finding ways to stave off decoherence so a quantum computer can perform with enough accuracy to allow for error correction.

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PORTLAND, Ore. — For the third time in a row it was not even close: China’s Tianhe-2 (named after the Milky Way) at the National Super Computer Center in Guangzhou had more than twice the peak performance (54.9 petaFLOPS) than the second-place winner (27.1 petaFLOPS). And no wonder — Tianhe-2 houses more than five times as many Intel Xeon and Xeon Phi cores (3,120,000) than the second-place Titan at Oak Ridge National Laboratories — 560,640 AMD Opteron cores with Nvidia graphics processing units (GPUs). In fact, the only change since the last Top500 ranking in November 2013 was the tenth place, which was taken over by a secret-location US government Cray XC30, with 225,984 Intel Xeon cores peaking out at 4.9 petaFLOPS.

When running the Linpack benchmark, the Intel Xeon powered Tianhe-2 scored just shy of twice (1.93-fold) the maximum benchmark performance of the second-place AMD Opteron powered Titan — 33.9 petaFLOPS compared to 17.6 petaFLOPS. In fact, Intel Xeon and Xeon Phi cores powered almost 86% of the Top500 entries, IBM Power processors was next at 8% and AMD Opteron processors were used in 6% of the Top500.

Coprocessor architectures were on the rise too, with a total of 62 systems using coprocessors, up from 53 in the November 2013 listing six months ago. Nvidia GPUs powered 44 systems, 17 systems were powered by Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors, and 2 used ATI’s Radeon GPUs. In the Top10, first-place Tianhe-2 and seventh-place Stampede used Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors. Second-place Titan and sixth-place Piz Daint used Nividia GPUs.

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The US retained its top position with 233 systems in the Top500, but this was down from 265 on the November 2013 list. Chinese systems ranked next with 76, up from 63 last November. The Japanese also rose to 30, up from 28. The UK was next with 30, France with 27, and Germany with 23.

As far as system builders go, Hewlett Packard led with 197, or 39% of the systems; IBM was next with 164 systems, or 33%; and Cray came in third with 48 systems, or 10%. Also, 37 of the Top500 systems had greater than one petaFLOPS of performance, up from 31% in November 2013. The total number of petaFLOPS for all 500 systems was 274, compared to 250 six months ago.

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Click the Tianhe-2 image to see a slideshow of all top 10.

Well, in order to answer this poser, I turned to the repository of all knowledge past and the oracle of all things to come — my mother — whose memory is so sharp she can recall things that haven’t even happened yet! I just received the following reply:

Dearest Clive, all I know is that Auntie Hilda Housman (my dad’s sister who was a well-known teacher of the blind in Harrogate) was a guest at a Civic Dinner. The chief guest was Lawrence Housman, the brother of A. E. Auntie Hilda told me that Lawrence came up to her and said he was intrigued as he had never met anyone with that spelling other than family and he thought they must be related.

Auntie Hilda said that she didn’t think that could be, but he asked if she knew anything about our past family. She said that the only thing she had heard was that she had a great, great, great someone” who had been a hangman at Staffordshire Gaol. A couple of weeks later, she received a letter from Lawrence saying: Dear Cousin Hilda, I was right, we are related, we share the same great, great, great hangman…”

I don’t know how many greats there were and — as Auntie Hilda left everything to charity — I never saw the letter again.

I just called my mom for more details. She says that Auntie Hilda was an indomitable woman” (this is saying something, because my mom is one of the most indomitable women I know). My mom says that one of the people Auntie Hilda cared for was an Anglican Minister who had gone blind. He mentioned that the one thing he really missed was being able to read the Bible in Greek, so Hilda went off and learned Greek so she could teach the Minister to read Greek in Braille.

EE Times has learned that the key to its execution is a wireless chip — WiFi, Bluetooth, or Zigbee — and an MCU, combined with a piece of software that allows each IoT device to be certified as an MFi (Made For iPhone/iPad/iPod) device.

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