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This regional activity was the backdrop to modest global growth of 6.0 percent in August (see Oct. 4 story).

Seeking to shed more light on the technology, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (Darpa) Microsystems Technology Office in investing in large infrared focal-plane arrays from Sensors Unlimited Inc. (Princeton, N.J.).

The low-noise, dual-wavelength (both day- and night-vision) detector measures 1,280-by-1,024 pixels. It could help Darpa achieve its goal of seeing the enemy at 100 meters under no-moon” conditions, including cloudy nights. No-moon focal-plane arrays could be available within three years.

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Separately, NVE Corp. ( Eden Prairie, Minn.) has received funding from the Office of Naval Research to continue development of it deep submicron vertical transport magnetoresistive RAM technology, which combines random access with nonvolatility.

Sensors Unlimited's main business is short-wave infrared cameras using its proprietary indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) process, which can transduce photons into electricity at dual wavelengths — both visible and shortwave infrared.'

Requiring no cooling, the InGaAs focal-plane array is billed as providing high-resolution, passive night vision imaging using pixels oriented on a 15 micron pitch. The pixels are sensitive to wavelengths from 0.4 to 1.7 microns.'

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The company said it will take up to three years to complete the project. If it passes annual Darpa evaluations, the entire contract will be worth for more than $4.57 million.

Sensors Unlimited claims its array will have less than 10 electrons readout noise at video rates while enabling dark current densities of less than 2 nanoamps per cm2 . That would make low read noise the only limiting factor to achieving video rates.

EKXJ451ELL470MM20S_Datasheet PDF

The company was founded in 1991. It was acquired by fiber-optic specialist Finisar Corp. in 2000, but regained its independence in late 2002 following a management buyback.

ISSY-LES-MOULINEAUX – La jeune pousse américaine Commerciant, spécialisée dans les systèmes de paiement, a choisi d’intégrer les modules de Wavecom dans sa dernière gamme de terminaux de paiement sans fil MobileScape.

The AMIS-53000 is supplied in a 32-lead LQFP. Samples and evaluation kits will be available in October. More information is available at www.amis.com/wireless/.

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Corning Inc. will allocate an additional $425 million into expanding an liquid crystal display (LCD) glass substrate fab under construction in Taichung, Taiwan.

This investment will be used to fund the third phase of the Taichung facility, with most of the expenditure to be incurred during 2006 to 2007.Corning (Corning, N.Y.) announced plans for the first phase of the Taichung fab in July 2004, investing $750 million. Taichung is the company’s second glass fab in Taiwan, joining an existing plant in Tainan.Slated for completion in 2007, the facility will ultimately manufacture Generation 5.5, 6, 7.5 and larger glass substrates to meet demand for desktop LCD monitors and flat-panel LCD televisions.Our goal is to keep pace with projected LCD industry demand,” said James P. Clappin, president of Corning’s Display Technologies unit, in a statement. However, we will phase the timing of production lines within the Taichung facility to meet the pending supply agreements with customers in Japan and Taiwan.”Regarding recent speculation regarding LCD industry inventory fluctuations, Corning vice chairman and chief financial officer James Flaws added, We continue to believe that worldwide sales of LCD televisions will double this year compared to 2004. We expect the LCD industry will need to build inventory to support the growing television market which is more back-half loaded than the monitor and notebook computer markets.”

SAN FRANCISCO — In what might be the first publicly disclosed tapeout of a 65-nanometer production design, Cadence Design Systems Inc. said Monday (Oct. 3) that design services provider Silicon & Software Systems (S3) has completed tapeout of a 65-nm, 500-megahertz consumer computing device using the Cadence Encounter digital IC design platform.

The device, designed under contract for a major European customer, will be manufactured in a leading European 65-nm silicon wafer fab and is expected to reach very high production volumes, according to Cadence (San Jose, Calif.).


Stratix GX devices include up to 20 full-duplex transceiver channels, each capable of operating at up to 3.125 Gbps per channel while consuming minimal power. Stratix GX features include TriMatrix memory, DSP blocks, and advanced clock management circuitry for intensive data-path processing functions. The devices are ideal for implementing such interface protocols as SerialLite, 10-Gigabit Ethernet and XAUI, or customized functions requiring up to 3.125 Gbps.

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