<p>Various solutions for different power inputs make the RunCore Mini DOM highly implementable for defense and navigation systems, automobile PCs, TVM, medical computers, and POS machines. Power input options consist of external 5V or 3.3V via a 22-pin connector, 7-pin VCC or external 5V input via a 7-pin connector.</p>

5. Make liberal use of simulation. These days, simulation is the best way for an IndyCar team to understand its vehicle. Simulations offer more data at a lower cost. It's so much more economical to simulate than to take your car out on the track,” Johnson said. You get more accomplished through simulation, whether you do it through shakers, wind tunnels, or CFD.”

In the rapidly changing landscape of electrical power, traditional measurement hardware either offers limited functionality or requires a level of system design expertise that just isn't practical to keep pace,” said Owen Golden, vice president of NI's energy segment, in a statement. The LabVIEW Electrical Power Suite and CompactRIO help engineers effectively monitor and meet today's challenges with a fully programmable, modular, field-upgradable set of tools – which our customers see as a significant advantage.”

Also Tuesday, NI announced it would collaborate with TU-Dresden, a technical university based in Dresden, Germany—on the exploration of new technologies for 5G wireless systems using NI LabVIEW system design software.

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Semtech Corp.'s SX1243 is a fully integrated, low cost FSK/OOK radio transmitter designed to replace a surface acoustic wave (SAW)-based resonator transmitters in garage door openers, remote keyless entry (RKE) and other consumer remote control systems.

The SX1243 features a fractional-N phase lock loop (PLL), which delivers higher performance and more flexibility, while minimizing the BOM cost versus traditional SAW-based resonator designs, according to Semtech. The part covers the frequency bands from 310 MHz to 450 MHz, 860 MHz to 870 MHz, as well as 902 MHz to 928 MHz which makes it suitable for worldwide operation and regulatory compliance for FCC 15.231/15.247, ARIB and European products under EN 300-220.

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To extend battery life, the SX1243 has very low active current consumption of 11mA at +10dBm OOK or 15mA at +10dBm FSK making it well-suited for applications requiring coincell batteries, which only support peak currents up to 20mA. The low active and sleep currents, combined with fast wake-up times from sleep to TX, make it a good fit for applications requiring fast wake-up and long battery lifetime.

The SX1243 features Semtech's Power & Go technology that reduces cost by eliminating the need for a microcontroller (MCU) to configure the part. In Power & Go mode, the part will automatically wake-up for transmission once data transitions are detected on the data pin and automatically return to sleep once the transitions cease. Default configurations for Power & Go are preprogrammed and can be modified for high-volume applications.

ERJ3EKF2803V_Datasheet PDF

Key highlights:

º  11mA TX current OOK mode

Fiennes said Electric Imp is not in the business of making IoT objects. Instead, it wants to enable the market with simple but elegant building blocks. We expect to be blown away by the things people will make from this,” he said.

The cards will be on sale to developers by the end of June for $25 each and Electric Imp will also supply development kits that include a socket, ID chip and power connection on a small board for about $10. While these are intended for consumer electronics developers Electric Imp is happy to sell them to students and non-professional developers. Hobbyists can play with it and tell us what they think.”

We have worked with some lead partners for feedback. We are working with partners in Asia and the United States who make consumer devices.”

Fiennes said that consumer products with Electric Imp slots would appear in time for the 2012 winter holiday present season. Electric Imp has volume manufacturing for the cards lined up in China, again making use of contacts and experience Fiennes developed designing highly compact smartphones for Apple. I used to spend quite a lot of time in China,” he said.

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