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Kimberly Daniel Hewlett-Packard Co. Cupertino, CA (408)447-4587 e-mail: kdaniel@cup.hp.com orBrad Pick, 408/447-7809 e-mail: bpick@cup.hp.com

Burlington, N.J.–Aug. 27–Franklin Electronic Publishers Inc. (Burlington, N.J.) announced its ES-1 microprocessor, a proprietary 8/24 bit pipeline RISC CPU, designed for efficient high-level code execution and low cost. The new micro uses cutting edge CPU design techniques to allow for a quantum leap in performance at the 8-bit price level.

The 24-bit general purpose registers of the ES-1 allow for efficient high-level code generation. A 24-bit address bus supports direct accessing of up to 16 Mbytes of data as required in large database applications. Several new techniques for which Franklin has patent applications in progress are employed to allow the CPU to implement more than the normally available 256 basic instructions with 8-bit opcodes. ES-1 instructions deal efficiently with 8-, 16-, 24-, 32-, and 48-bit data. Hardware multiply and barrel shifting significantly increase the performance of the chip, and CPU cache has been made available as an option.

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The ES-1 was designed concurrently with the development of a Franklin C language compiler so that the instruction set was fine tuned for optimized performance running compiled code. Franklin's compiler and a suite of sophisticated development tools allow all aspects of embedded software development for the ES-1 to be accomplished using only C code. Small code size and fast program execution can be achieved without any need to resort to assembly level coding. A GUI source level debugger is also available in the Franklin tool kit, further speeding Franklin's (or a third party's) software development. The ES-1's designers achieved backwards compatibility with existing BOOKMAN ROM cards by adding special instructions and features to allow for efficient emulation of the 65C02 microprocessor, the CPU used in Franklin's first generation BOOKMAN products.

The ES-1 has been implemented in a new system ASIC which provides Franklin with a low-cost, integrated solution for its new products even as it allows for a standard interface between the ES-1 and the outside world. This interface includes prioritized interrupt, keyboard and LCD controllers, an IRDA capable serial port, real time clock (with alarm) function, and audio digital to analog convertor.

A higher level version of the ES-1 ASIC adds specialized DSP functions for high-quality speech decompression. The ES-1 microprocessor and ASICs are available from Franklin Electronic Publishers Inc.

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Franklin Electronic Publishers Barry J. Lipsky Burlinton, NJ (609) 386-2500 barry_lipsky@franklin.com http://www.franklin.com

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Fremont, Calif.–Aug. 27, 1997–Less then eight weeks after releasing the first Gigabit MAC CoreCell, CoreEl MicroSystems (Fremont, Calif.) unveiled a set of CoreCell packages along with a Testbench for a complete Gigabit Ethernet solution. With this introduction, CoreEl has more then thirty CoreCells to support the fast growing communication and telecom market, specifically ATM, Ethernet, and SONET.

The released Gigabit CoreCell set now includes the GEM (Gigabit Ethernet Media Access Controller or Gigabit MAC), physical layer sublayer 8b/10b encoding/decoding, auto negotiation function, and flow control for full duplex mode. The functional blocks meet the IEEE 802.3 D31 (draft 3.1) and other applicable standards. CoreEl also introduced a general-purpose user programmable and easily extendable Testbench for Gigabit Ethernet applications. CoreEl plans to release the VLAN support function, and RMON Assist CoreCells within the next eight weeks.

Bedford, Mass.– Oct. 16, 1997– Shiva Corporation announced the appointmentof Yasuki Miyazaki as president of Shiva Japan KK. In the role of president,Miyazaki will oversee all of the operations, sales and marketing, and businessdevelopment in Japan. He will also be working closely with Shiva's channelpartners to ensure further success in the Japanese marketplace.

Miyazaki came to Shiva from 3Com Japan, where he was the directorof sales and marketing. He previously worked for Digital Equipment Corporationin several executive positions, including marketing general manager, wherehe was responsible for all of product marketing and strategy.

Shiva Corporation http://www.Shiva.com. sales@shiva.com.

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Mountain View, Calif.– Oct. 16, 1997–Sun Microsystems, Inc. announcedtoday that the Java Card Application Programming Interface (API) 2.0 specificationis now final and available for download at http://java.sun.com/products/javacard.

Mountian View, Calif.–Nov. 5, 1997–IBM (Armonk, N.Y.) and Juniper Networks Inc. (Mountain View) announced that IBM is providing custom ASICs for Juniper's new class of Internet backbone devices as part of a strategic technology relationship between the two companies.

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