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The IEEE 802.3 has officially created a new Task Force, based on the objectives outlined by the IEEE’s PoEPlus Study Group. The new IEEE 802.3at Task Force will be responsible for creating an enhanced PoE standard, dubbed PoEPlus that will provide increased power of at least 30 Watts to powered devices, such as Voice over IP (VoIP) phones, Wireless LAN (WLAN) Access Points (APs), and network security cameras.

Monster Cable Products, a leading manufacturer of high-performance consumer electronics accessories for home, car, office and professional use, announced that it is collaborating with Zensys to develop a suite of Z-Wave-enabled home automation products.

Zensys also announced today that Logitech and Monster Cable will join the Z-Wave Alliance, a consortium of more than 125 leaders in the home technology space dedicated to making Z-Wave the standard for wireless home control.

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For more information about the Z-Wave Alliance, visit www.z-wavealliance.com For more information about Z-Wave, visit www.zen-sys.com

SAN FRANCISCO — Synopsys Inc. has filed two additional lawsuits in its high-profile patent dispute with rival Magma Design Automation Inc.

Synopsys (Mountain View, Calif.) Monday (Sept. 26) filed a claim of unfair competition against Magma in California Superior Court in Santa Clara County as well as a complaint in U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware claiming that Magma infringes three patents held by Synopsys.

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Yvette Huygen, Synopsys' worldwide public relations manager, said Wednesday that the company filed the Delaware suit because, during the discovery process of the ongoing trial, Synopsys came to believe that Magma's alleged IP infringement went further than Synopsys initially thought. The Santa Clara lawsuit, Huygen said, was filed in the name of preserving fair business practices because Synopsys believes that Magma has made conflicting public statements.

This whole thing has been, and continues to be, about protecting intellectual property,” Huygen said.

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David Stanley, Magma's special counsel, said that Magma does not practice any of the methodologies contained in the three patents named in the Delaware suit. He added that the company has found extensive prior art usage of two of the patents and is continuing research on the third. Prior art usage, if proven, could invalidate the claim of patent infringement.

Stanley said the unfair business practice suit is similar to claims Synopsys has already filed against Magma in U.S. District Court. He said he believes Synopsys filed this suit in state court because it did not think it could win the case currently being argued in U.S. District Court.

LG Chem verwendet die sogenannte DMFC-Technologie (Direct Methanol Fuel Cell). Die Wasserstoff-Makromolekülbrennstoffe sind für mobile elektronische Geräte nicht geeignet, denn sie benötigen, um Strom zu erzeugen, einen Makro-Umformer oder einen Wasserstoffspeicher”, erklärte das Unternehmen. Das Methanol-Direktverfahren biete auch deshalb überlegene Eigenschaften, weil es geringere Mengen des gefährlichen Methanol benötige.

Die weltweite Nachfrage nach portablen Brennstoffzellen wird für 2006 auf 600 Millionen Dollar geschätzt. Bis 2010 soll der Markt auf 1,9 Milliarden Dollar expandieren.

As the data rate of DDR memory moves into the DDR2 range, the need increases in such applications as servers, workstations and high-performance communications equipment for a new memory system topology to deliver the optimum combination of data throughput and system capacity.

Jedec, with the help of leading-edge computing companies like Micron and Intel, is developing a technologically sophisticated solution: a fully buffered dual inline memory module (FBDIMM).

The performance advantages of the FBDIMM are striking. Taking a midrange server as an example, FBDIMM will provide about 2.5 times the data throughput of today's memory topologies-16.5 Gbytes/second, compared with 6.6 Gbytes/s. The technology is sophisticated, depending as it does on high-speed serial links that have fast edges, decreased timing margins and analog characteristics.

SAN FRANCISCO — Digi International Thursday (Sept. 29) announced the expansion of its ConnectCore family of core modules to include the ConnectCore 7U, ConnectCore 9P 9360 and ConnectCore 9P 9750.

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