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Intel unveils EUV micro-exposure tool …. Intel Corp. said it has installed an extreme ultraviolet (EUV) micro-exposure tool from Exitech Ltd. at its development fab here.

However, the diversity of Sensor Platforms’ potential licensees and the capabilities of its FreeMotion library could open a rift among disparate players in the mobile food chain.

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Brown acknowledged that some of our customers are worried that we may commoditize” their chips [or systems]. However, he quickly added, commoditization will happen anyway, whether they use us or not.”

When it comes to the resignation of a high-profile executive, the story of Chen last week took an unconventional path. His departure involved no CEO thanking the departing executive for his service, nor did the ex-executive offer a cover story about pursuing personal interests.” Chen simply noted that the company's CEO decided that he and I have different visions for the company, and so we parted ways.” He added, however, This abrupt development was unexpected.” Asked about differences in visions,” Chen said, I don’t know. You have to ask the company.”

Meanwhile, CEO Brown insisted that there are no plans for changes in the company’s business model or vision.

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Chen had worked at Sensor Platforms for more than five years. He helped reshape the company away from semiconductors, focused on developing and selling algorithms and software platforms. He played a public role as an evangelist of the company’s technology. Chen was identified by EE Times last year as one of the top 40 innovators to watch.

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MADISON, Wis.– If you want to know the global TV trends in 2013, look no further than what MediaTek has up its sleeve. The bellwether of the consumer electronics industry today is no longer either Sony or Panasonic. That title now belongs to the Taiwan-based consumer chip company.  MediaTek, backed up by a large customer base including both handset and TV OEMs/ODMs throughout Asia, is today in a rare position: other than Samsung, perhaps no other company is positioned to speak authoritatively on how things developed in handsets will dictate features and functions that must go into a new generation of digital TVs.

EE Times met with MediaTek President Ching-Jiang Hsieh and saw some of the demonstrations at the company’s private suite during the recent International Consumer Electronics Show.

Harting KG , 32325 Espelkamp,

Interpoint , part of Crane Aerospace & Electronics , announced a new DC/DC converter, the SMTR triple output converter which is the first space converter with 3 outputs.

The fully isolated DC/DC converter operates from a 28V nominal bus and provides 3 outputs of +5V and either +12V or + 15V. The SMTR triple products contain all the features associated with the SMTR family. The full operating temperature range is -55&degC to +125&degC, case. The hermetically sealed case measures 49.5 x 34.3 x 10.3 mm as non-flanged, or is available flanged for easier mechanical mounting.

Three screening levels of O, H or K (referenced to MIL-STD-883 and MIL-PRF-38534) are offered, along with 2 radiation hardness levels of O or R (100kRads). The SMTR triple is available now with prices starting at $2,500 each in quantities of 100.

Interpoint Corp , Redmond, WA 98073-9705, USA.

Most adoption of 40 Gbit Ethernet to date has been in core and top-of-rack switches. Servers are expected to gradually adopt the technology starting in 2014, according to many estimates with one market watchers forecasting the 40G market in servers will exceed $600 million by 2017.

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