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<p>Receiver designs based on this MSA will conform to a 17-pin, butterfly”-type surface-mount packaging with differential radio frequency (RF) output, offering a simplified method for managing RF signals.</p>

Pricing: Staring at $46,000Availability: Now. Delivered in 8 weeks after receipt of orderData Sheet:

Able to scale from 120 to 20,000 ports, the ComStruct IGP1000 platform can be employed in media gateway designs. To deliver VoIP capabilities, this platform supports the G.711, G.6726, G.729AB, and G.723.1 voice compression schemes. It also provides silence detection and comfort noise generation functions. The platform can terminate up to 12 T1/E1 connections, multiple 100BaseT connections, and dual Gigabit Ethernet connections. The gateway is also equipped with Red Hat Linux; the FACT-MG software, which manages interfaces between multiple boards; and example applications.

Pricing: $20,272Availability: May 2002

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Motorola Computer Group,

SEOUL — Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. here has filed a suit against SanDisk Corp. over flash-memory patents, according to a release from Sunnyvale-based SanDisk today.

The suit, filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, alleges that SanDisk infringed upon four of Samsung's patents. The patents include 5473563, 5514889, 5546341 and 5642309.

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Samsung seeks a preliminary and permanent injunction against unnamed SanDisk products as well as damages, attorney's fees and cost of the lawsuit.

Charles Van Orden, vice president and general counsel for SanDisk, said the suit has no merit. We believe this lawsuit is a tactical move on Samsung's part in advance of the upcoming expiration in August, 2002, of their patent cross license with SanDisk,” he said.

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We intend to vigorously defend against this action,” he added.

In what appears to be another case of supplier muscle-flexing, Flextronics is seeking a court order for the right to seize $15.2 million of Copper Mountain's cash in payment for excess inventory it allegedly purchased on behalf of the networking equipment maker. Copper Mountain is disputing the amount and has asked an arbitration court to help it recover $480,000 it claimed to have overpaid Flextronics for excess-inventory charges.

Copper Mountain, Palo Alto, Calif., stands to lose a lot if Flextronics succeeds in its action. The company's sales plummeted to $3.1 million at the end of the last quarter, from $47 million in the year-ago quarter. As demand for its products has dwindled over the last few quarters, so also has Copper Mountain's cash, which stood at $72 million at the end of the December 2001 quarter, down from $162.6 million in the fourth quarter of 2000.

The parties attempted to amicably settle the conflict with Copper Mountain agreeing last May to pay $30.3 million in four installments, although it retained the right to audit the excess inventory. After paying $15.2 million of the amount, Copper Mountain said it determined that it owed only $14.6 million and refused to pay the remaining installments due in October 2001 and January 2002. Meanwhile, Flextronics has upped the amount it wants to recover from Copper Mountain by an additional $11.3 million. Both companies declined to be interviewed for this story.

An intellectual property (IP)-based development platform helps designers build multi-protocol WLAN systems. The platform includes a UniPHY DSP core, Viterbi accelerator, program and data memory, a MAC microprocessor, a MAC/WEP accelerator, ADCs, and DACs. All of these components are tied together using the Shuttle Intelligent bus. Additionally, the platform provides software for implementing the 802.11a baseband standard as well as software for implementing the 802.11b baseband standard. IP reference documentation is also provided.


Researchers and engineers with higher degrees or higher positions . . . simply said it was impossible,” Kajiki said. Those she hired felt that if a compact compression technology is not available, let's create it.”

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