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<p>Class DG Amplifiers The Class DG amp uses PWM to produce a rail-to-rail digital output signal with a variable duty cycle. In this respect, a Class DG amp is the same as a Class D amp. The Class DG amp, however, also uses a multilevel output stage to sense the magnitude of the output signal (Figure 6). It then switches the supply rails, as needed, to supply the required signal power more efficiently. Class DG amps, such as the MAX98308, use the same dual-power concept with a switching Class D topology for even higher efficiency. </p>

To satisfy the requirements in the shared-IO and clustering market segments, vendors such as PLX Technology are bringing to market high-performance, flexible, and power- and space-efficient devices.These switches have been architected to fit into the full range of applications cited above.Looking forward, PCIe Gen4, with speeds of up to 16Gbps per link, will only help accelerate and expand the adoption of PCIe technology into newer market segments, while making it easier and economical to design and use. About the Author

Krishna Mallampati is a product marketing director for PCIe switches at PLX Technology, Sunnyvale, Calif.He can be reached at .

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LONDON – Memory chip company Micron made a net loss for its second quarter of fiscal 2013, which ended on Feb. 28, of $286 million on net sales of $2.078 billion. Sales were up sequentially by 13.3 percent from $1.834 billion in the first fiscal quarter and roughly flat with the same quarter from a year before.

In the first quarter of its fiscal year Micron Technology Inc. (Boise, Idaho) made a net loss of $275 million which it attributed, in part, to a manufacturing glitch.

In the second quarter Micron said $120 million was lost on currency hedging related to the planned acquisitions of Elpida Memory Inc. and Rexchip Electronics Corp. In addition the results included a loss of $62 million associated with the expected sale of the company's wafer fabrication facility in Avezzano, Italy, to Lfoundry.

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DRAM revenues were up 24 percent compared with the first quarter; resultin from a 38 percent increase in sales volume partially offset by a 10 percent decrease in average selling prices (ASPs), Micron said. NAND flash memory sales were 8 percent higher sequentially and NOR flash memory sales were 14 percent lower than the previous quarter.

Micron ended the quarter with cash reserves of $2.8 billion.

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Resolving RF interference problems in complex RF environments is difficult. With gapless recording, however, engineers can now measure data continuously over long durations and ensure the capture of all RF events of interest when they occur. A wideband recording system modified for gapless capture, especially one that’s dual channel, can be very effective in characterizing system interference in RF environments. Utilizing the system in a structure flow provides an efficient way to find and analyze target signals. Such a capability is increasingly important to commercial wireless and EW applications where interference-related issues continue to be problematic.

About the author

Dave Murray is Electronic Measurement Group Application Engineer, Software and Modular Solutions Division, Agilent Technologies

David Murray joined HP / Agilent in 1994. David has 18 years of experience in RF and Microwave applications across a range of different test and measurement products, and has spent almost 10 of those years as a manufacturing development engineer.

Currently David works as an application engineer based in Santa Rosa, California focusing on Microwave and RF applications in modular form factors such as PXI and AXIe.


HMC brings a new level of capability to memory that provides exponential performance and efficiency gains that will redefine the future of memory,” said JH Oh, vice president of the DRAM product planning and enabling group at SK Hynix Inc.

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