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<p>In the first WiMAX test case, the input data vector is 35 bytes long and given in hex notation. It is easily expressed in MATLAB using the sscanf function to create a row vector:</p>

The wcfxs driver was chosen as the starting point for the embeddedIP-PBX. This driver was originally written to communicate with theSilicon Labs chips operating via a PCI bus controller on the DigiumTDM400 PCI line interface hardware. To port the driver to theBlackfin the PCI interface component was carefully removed andreplaced with code that interfaces to the Blackfins SPORT (TDM serialport) and SPI interface.

We use SolidWorks in the design phase of our product development. The rapid availability of CAD models enables us to do several design iterations before buying any parts; this helps us by reducing the amount of parts that never find their way into the finished machine,” Schneider said.

Luminex purchases products from Misumi for the research and development of its new analyzers. Misumi supplies components with no minimum order quantity, so this customer can purchase only what is needed to develop and prototype new equipment.

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Once the equipment goes into production and price becomes most critical, delivery and pricing are competitive, according to Schneider. All of their prices are published in their catalogs, including volume discounts, so there are no questions.”

The Manufacturing Engineering department at Luminex is responsible for sourcing components that are cost-effective. In the medical industry, this often requires extensive testing and validation of components.

I usually analyze the cost for all the engineering work and how long it would take to amortize this cost. Unfortunately, this often turns out not to be cost-effective. Therefore, it is even more vital for the designers to source the appropriately costed components from the beginning,” states Schneider.

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The real savings are realized with the Misumi CAD Configurator. We are now able to finish the design of a new analyzer by using the CAD Configurator and downloading native CAD files directly into our assembly drawings. Parts are then ordered from Misumi as purchased components and scheduled for delivery on the date we plan for a machine build. The fact that Misumi publishes the ship dates for their components also contributes to our efficiency. We previously had to wait for parts from the local machine shops, which was often a guessing game. Now we no longer guess because the answer is printed right in the pages of their catalogs,” Schneider said.

About the authorRon Dziuda is marketing manager at Misumi USA , INC. of Schaumburg, IL 60173. Phone: (800) 681-7475, ext 263

C1812C201KBGACTU_Datasheet PDF

Product: TAVI 030

Designer: New Media Life Inc.

While achieving higher resolutions and pixel depths in HDMI 1.3, integrated circuit manufacturers have continued to decrease the minimum dimensions of the transistors, interconnections, and the SiO2 insulation layers in their devices. This results in smaller structures for higher speed devices which are more susceptible to breakdown damage at lower energy levels. SiO2 layers are more likely to rupture and metal traces are more likely to open or bridge during an ESD event.

HDMI receivers and transmitters will include some on-chip ESD protection for a controlled manufacturing environment, but a typical real-world ESD zap can deliver a peak current of over 30 Amps, and enough I2 R heating to permanently destroy the relatively small input clamps in the deep sub-micron HDTV receiver, or DVD transmitter IC (See Figure 1 ). An 8kV IEC 61000-4-2 ESD pulse is the industry standard approximation of stepping across the carpet on a cold Christmas morning to plug the new video game into the family television.

To survive this repeatable test, larger external ESD protection clamps must be used to divert this energy back to earth ground without damaging the HDMI (or other I/O) IC. These external analog clamps are generally fabricated in geometries that are dictated by power handling capacities, and do not benefit from the standard cost improvements of process scaling. In fact, these 8kV ESD protection clamps are more cost effective by being fabricated in older, larger geometry processes.

At the same time, controlled impedance microstrip TMDS interconnects on the PCB are likely to be some of the most critical signal integrity focal points in an HDTV or DVD design. As bit rates climb, the interconnect pathway's bandwidth can quickly become a bottleneck for critical harmonics which may be 4-5GHz higher than the TMDS fundamental.

So the system designer's problem blossoms into two areas: (1) Add protection to shunt destructive energy away from delicate ASICs during ESD strikes, and (2) maintain interconnect signal integrity during normal operation.


This situation is bad enough for the central CPU, but when the processor is also feeding data and instructions to dedicated VCE engines, it creates a fundamental bottleneck—which either slows down the whole system, or means blocks of data are not processed, potentially causing errors.

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