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<p>Broggi believes that stereo is a major upgrade. So much information is contained inside all the 3D shapes of objects,” he said. Even when the cameras see an object with an unknown shape — something the system has never seen before and it is not trained for identifying — stereo will get that.”</p>

Eventually optics must move into the switch ASIC because serdes already consume 30-40 percent of a networking chip’s power,” said Booth, citing longstanding debates about when and how the merger may happen.

While others such as Esperanto will go head-to-head with giants such as Intel, that is clearly not SiFive’s goal.

Some developers have been keen to get their hands on SiFive’s latest processor, because it is the first RISC-V chip capable of running Linux. At the event last week, the company did not even mention it had just shipped a few cases worth of developer cards with the chips.


— Rick Merritt, Silicon Valley Bureau Chief, EE Times


SAN FRANCISCO — Apple shipped an estimated 18 million Apple Watches in 2017 — including roughly 8 million in the fourth quarter alone — reinforcing its dominance in the wearables product category, according to market watcher Canalys.

Apple shipped nearly 9 million units of Apple Watch Series 3 — the latest version which adds for the first time standalone cellular connectivity — making up nearly half of total Apple Watch shipments for the year, Canalys said.


Apple has won the wearables game,” said Jason Low, a senior analyst at Canalys, in a press statement. Low said that Apple has pulled far ahead of competitors by continuing to focus on its core iPhone user base, even while rivals have brought to market innovative designs featuring things such as rotating bezels and circular screens.

Canalys said Series 3 was in strong demand in the U.S., Japan and Australia, where all major operators stoked it in time for the holiday season.

— Dylan McGrath is the editor-in-chief of EE Times.

Toshiba Hopes to Finalize Chip Unit Sale to Bain-led GroupTrump Trumps Broadcom’s Bid for Qualcomm

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — A wide swath of semiconductor design services companies are seeking their breakout moment. Samir Patel thinks that he has found one in the ability to customize standard products for an increasingly applications-centric chip market.

There are 200–400 design service companies, and half of them are in Bangalore … [this sector] will get Uber-ized to provide more efficiency,” said the chief executive of Sankalp Semiconductor at an event here.

Just as Uber defined the new market of ride-sharing, design companies need to create new business models to deliver services faster and more cheaply. As the standalone, people-intensive part of the semiconductor industry, design services are ripe to be Uber-ized,” said Patel in a talk at the D&R IP-SoC Days.

Sigfox depends on a single, venture-backed company and keeps its technology proprietary, noted one analyst. By contrast, NB-IoT and LoRa are based on published standards with products from multiple public companies.

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