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<p>The Factory Data Integration Manager (FDIM) offers chip makers an adaptable interface for tool data access. It is said to overcome the difficulties often experienced when implementing data collection using existing station controller technologies.</p>

The project draws on RFEL’s RF design expertise in signal processing on FPGAs.

• Recognize that everybody’s best efforts” or just trying harder isn’t enough. Look for problems and innovation opportunities in processes. Processes are where the most leverage will be.

This very slight change had worked a revolution. This very slight change had in fact reduced the price of the raw material enormously, and this had rendered it possible, first, to raise the wages of the laborer — a benefit to the country — secondly, to improve the quality of the goods — an advantage for the consumer — and thirdly, to sell them at a lower price even while making three times the profit — a gain for the manufacturer.”

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• Fully train people to do their jobs. This is non-negotiable, and comes before everything else. This responsibility cannot become victim to busyness and shifting priorities.

• Use statistical and analytical methods to understand and improve the performance of individuals, the call center and the organization.

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• Ensure that the call center’s performance optimizes the good of the organization as a whole, not just of individual projects or departments. Continuously step back from quality improvement efforts to ensure that the larger objective of meeting business goals is being furthered.

• Remember that those who know processes and customers best are those closest to the work (agents and supervisors). Actively seek their ideas and input, and create an atmosphere of trust and open communication. Allow failure of the right kind – the kind rooted in experimentation, suggestions, broad thinking.

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• Use performance measurements, monitoring and coaching as a means of learning and improvement at the process level (as well as for individuals). Don’t make decisions based on assumptions — insist on having and using accurate and timely data.

• As a general rule, don’t wait to make sweeping changes all at once. Instead, as possible, make smaller improvements regularly and continuously.

With the moves, ST will no longer have manufacturing in the U.S., according to a spokesman.

These measures follow the completion of a program to migrate most of ST's global 6-inch wafer production to less-expensive 6-inch plants in Singapore or 8-inch facilities worldwide. The moves are said to save $150 million a year.

In addition, ST's R&D venture, the Crolles2 Alliance, will complete the development of 45-nm CMOS process technology during 2007, but there would then be a discontinuation” in the role of the Crolles development center and pilot fab.

Carlo Bozotti, president and CEO of ST, said the moves are intended to cut costs. ''Growing revenue is important, but we're also committed to improving our cost structure by reducing the number of our manufacturing sites and, as a result, trimming excess capacity and lowering manufacturing overhead,'' he said in a statement.

ST estimates these moves will involve approximately 4000 employees worldwide. The company expects to offer transfers or transition-based incentives to most of those involved.

Pacific Crest projected that capital spending will hit $55.97 billion in 2007, up 3 percent over 2006. Semiconductor capex should be down 10 percent to 15 percent in 2008,” Backman said.

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