<p>Kontron is a worldwide leading producer of embedded computer technology and rugged solutions for mobile use. It supplies leading OEMs, system integrators, and application providers in various market segments, such as telecommunications, automation, measurement and control technology, transportation, gaming and entertainment, medical and military technologies, aerospace, and energy. The company helps its customers considerably reduce their time-to-market and gain a competitive advantage with products including: high-performance open computer platforms and systems, single board computers, human-machine interfaces, and mobile rugged computers. Kontron employs more than 2,300 people worldwide and has manufacturing facilities in Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region. The company is listed on the German TecDAX 30 stock exchange under the symbol KBC.” Kontron is a premier member in the Intel® Communications Alliance which means earliest access to leading-edge Intel technologies and privileged engineering support. For additional information on Kontron, please visit the company’s Web site: www.kontron.de.</p>

But so what?” Otellini said. I think you guys are misreading the market if you think people care about the construction inside. People care about the performance.”

To grow, we can't just rely on upgrading our installed base, we have to go after the other guy's business, and that's what open source helps us do,” said John Fowler, executive vice president of Sun's systems group. OpenSolaris is clearly a runaway hit, and the OpenSPARC program helps us accelerate our adoption rate into the new emerging Web 2.0 market.”

Ubuntu Linux, which last May was the first third-party to announce a port of its GNU/Linux OS to OpenSPARC, has now logged more than 3,000 downloads of its OS onto OpenSPARC, and at least 800 sites running Ubuntu on SPARC, Sun said.

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Simply RISC, a team of former STMicroelectronics engineers working in Italy and England, published the first derivative chip design, based on OpenSPARC, Sun said. The 64-bit, single core design is targeted at embedded applications such as PDAs, set-top boxes and digital cameras, the company. The design is freely downloadable from the Simply RISC Web site and supports the Solaris 10 operating system or any UNIX or Linux environment.

Hillsboro, Ore.—MathStar Inc.'s recent launch of its second generation of field programmable object arrays (FPOA) called Arrix must be making traditional FPGA vendors a little nervous. The fabless PLD supplier has developed a device that it claims can reach operational speeds of up to 1-gigahertz, which is nearly four times faster than the most advanced FPGA architectures available today.

The company is going after the high-performance segment of the programmable market, including the machine vision, professional video, test and measurement, medical imaging, and military/aerospace industries. In fact, MathStar has formed a partnership with Honeywell's Space Electronics division, which licensed MathStar's technology and ported it over to its internally developed radiation-hardened fabrication process for aerospace systems, according to Doug Pihl, chief executive of MathStar, based in Hillsboro, Ore.

equation for resistors in series

The concept is high-performance programmable logic. It's a completely different architecture than the FPGA architecture,” said Pihl, who believes that an FPGA's architecture is not scalable to higher and higher performance.

The basic architecture of the FPGA limits the upper end of the performance that they can get in our view. The basic concept is we don't program the device at the gate level, we program it at an object level, or more of the functional level,” he said.

equation for resistors in series

An FPOA is an array of objects. In the Arrix family, there are 400 objects. Each of the objects is either an ALU, (arithmetic logic unit), MAC (multiply accumulate) or a register file. The ALU acts as the number cruncher and provides control of the overall chip. The MAC in Arrix devices runs up to 1-GHz. And the register file is a small, but extremely fast dual-ported memory. Those resources are spread throughout the whole chip and interconnected via this synchronous 1-GHz interconnect.

The MCP73833 and MCP73834 (MCP73833/4) provide these advantages by combining a pass transistor, current-sense and reverse-discharge protection on a single chip.

Both single-cell, high current (1 A), controllers are available in small MSOP and thermally efficient 3 mm x 3 mm DFN packages, the MCP73833/4 chargers enable smarter, faster and safer battery-charger designs.

Multiple combinations of key charging parameters, including pre-conditioning current threshold and ratio, charge-termination threshold and recharge threshold ratio are available.

Their high charging currents and multiple regulated output voltages (4.2V, 4.35V, 4.4V and 4.5V) allow the devices to be used with early generation batteries where output voltages are lower, as well as newer batteries where output voltages are higher.

Safety features include charge timers, battery-temperature feedback and thermal-current regulation.


Accurate what-if” analysis and technology data models from across the semiconductor supply chain give chip architects visibility into the technical and economic viability of design specifications within one environment, Chip Estimate said. The tool connects early specifications with the EDA tools that implement final silicon, the company said.

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