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<p>Meanwhile, in the rankings, Samsung continued to top the list. The company accounted for 43.9 percent of the market share in the second quarter, up from 39.6 percent in the first quarter, accordng to the firm.</p>

The Siemens subsidiary will exit the production of OLED-based passive matrix LED displays by the end of the year. Instead, it will concentrate its OLED activities on developing market-ready lighting solutions. After all, we are a lighting company”, explained an Osram spokesperson. Our market expectations for OLED displays have not materialized.”

The 4-20 mA current loop input/output enables easy field integration with PLCs, digital indicators, host computer-based data processing, and QC data collection systems. Units can be configured for either loop-powered, two-wire or externally powered three-wire sourcing output to address different I/O requirements in various applications.

Constructed of TIG welded stainless steel and hermetically-sealed against hostile environments to IEC standard IP-68, the HSI/R 750 series devices can be installed in hostile environments while the loop wiring connects to remote indicators and/or controllers located in environments safe from harsh conditions. Units offer precise output with a maximum linearity error of 0.25% of full range output. For more precision measurement the HSI/R series is also available with ±0.10% linearity.

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Available in full ranges from 0.10 inches (2.5 mm) to 20 inches (500 mm), these 3/4-inch (19 mm) diameter LVDTs are available as either blind bore units (HSI 750 series) terminated in a glass-sealed axial connector that prevents the core from passing completely through the coil assembly or in a through-bore design (HSIR 750 series) with the connector mounted radially to facilitate easy access to either end of the LVDT's core for better mechanical support and core guidance, as well as easier cleanout in dusty or gritty environments.

For position sensing that requires the opposite directional sense, HSI 750 transmitters are available with reversed output slope, which gives 20 mA when the core is first inserted, decreasing to 4 mA as the core moves inward. A mating connector plug is supplied with the HSI/R series sensors.

Product information: 4-20 mA LVDT transmitters

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Macro Sensor , 1-856-662-8000, www.macrosensors.com

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In Germany, where I live, many people do not have very favorable opinions of call centers. As I write this article, today's newspaper is running articles on how terrible customer service usually is, and how poorly call centers are run. (Much of this particularly bad press is the result of a journalist, Günter Wallraff, working under cover in call centers and reporting on his experiences.)

Certainly some of the criticism is merited. As in any country, the situation in Germany is a mixed bag — some centers are bad, some average, some good, and some deliver excellent service. In what's probably a good sign, many consultants, especially from Japan, are earning a lot of money helping companies improve services and processes.

The acquisition will provide the third part of Wolfson’s AudioPlus growth strategy, the company said. It would enable Wolfson to combine mixed-signal design and acoustic skills to offer advanced active noise cancellation, sound enhancement, 3D sound, and acoustic echo cancellation in combination with its existing high quality, low power audio products for consumer electronic applications.

Sonaptic realized that ultimately they needed to be building high value chips,” said Peter Frith, chief technology officer at Wolfson. He added that company has started out by licensing its technology to get design wins in chips going into MP3 players. But their unique noise-cancelling technology can also go into cell phones — providing better phone calls in noisy environments,” added Frith. Demonstrations have been given to a number of cell phone manufacturers.”

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According to media reports, the Infineon board is unsatisfied with Guenther's management style and his professional competence. It makes a difference whether you are working for an agricultural machines manufacturer or a semiconductor vendor”, quotes Financial Times Deutschland an unnamed Infineon insider.

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