<p>In the end, the creditors will conduct a capital decrease, a major debt for equity swap and hand the firm over to a special purpose vehicle,” said one market participant.. Should it exhaust everything now, how will they deal with looming difficulty at Hyundai Electronics Industries, one quarter of whose 8 trillion won in debts will mature in the first quarter of next year?''</p>

Motorola Inc.'s Semiconductor Products Sector supplies chipsets to its parent company, the second-largest cell-phone supplier.

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DesignCon 2012 starts January 30 and ends February 2nd in the Santa Clara Convention Center. The conference and exhibition promises to address issues around PCB design tools, RF and signal integrity, FPGA design, IC and semiconductor components, verification tools, and high-speed serial design. Sound like you? I bet it does.

The conference will include more than 100 tutorials and technical paper sessions, and the exhibition  promises more than 130 vendors. Keynotes will be delivered by representatives from AMD, HP, and Microsoft. Live product teardowns include Amazon Fire, Nook Color, and Android Tablet.

Agilent will be providing an Education Forum, and ANSYS/Apache Design will offer sponsored training sessions  that include presentations from Intel, Cisco, Micron, LSI, and Xilinx on chip and package modeling as well as system level verification for SI, PI, EMI, and thermal effects. This is a top-tier conference that is sponsored by: Agilent Technologies, Rambus, LeCroy, Tektronix, and Mentor Graphics. If you were inspired by the concepts at CES, this is the place to go to talk about how to make those prototypes into real products. If you are planning to go, use the comments section to sound off on what you hope to see/find there.

RN73R2ATTD1322C10_Datasheet PDF

If you want to register for the DesignCon 2012 conference/exhibition, head here.

In the meantime, here is a list of tracks in the technical program:

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Conexant Systems Inc., which plans to split into two separate companies in January, on Wednesday named some of the executives who will lead the new Internet infrastructure company.

Dwight W. Decker will be non-executive chairman of the new company, and will continue as Conexant's chairman and chief executive.

At DesignCon 2012, attendees can visit Xilinx at booth #732 to see the new Virtex-7 FPGA VC707 Evaluation Kit, the Kintex-7 FPGA KC705 Evaluation Kit, and the Kintex-7 FPGA DSP Kit with high-speed analog built with Avnet Electronics Marketing. These kits will showcase applications featuring low power, FMC migration, high-speed connectivity, and advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) performance. Xilinx’s booth demonstrations will also showcase Xilinx’s Agile Mixed Signal (AMS) analog interface capabilities, now available in all its 28nm devices for enabling general purpose analog integration.

Xilinx’s 7 series families take FPGA technology further into SoC applications that were never possible before without costly and time-consuming ASIC or ASSP development,” said Vin Ratford, Senior Vice President, World Wide Marketing, Xilinx. Xilinx is executing a record-breaking rollout of its 28nm generation, which means customers now have access to base and domain platforms as well as a range of ecosystem offerings for evaluating, developing and deploying systems that take advantage of the low-power and flexibility 7 series FPGAs bring to the table.”

Editor’s Note: Actually, the speed of the Xilinx 28nm rollout really is rather impressive. If we peer back in time to the 90 nm node, it took several years to fully rollout two FPGA families. At the 65 nm node it took several years to fully roll out just one family. Things got a little faster with two families at the 45/4n nm node. But Xilinx are really on a roll with four families at the 28 nm node.

Since the first Kintex-7 devices were shipped to customers in March 2011, Xilinx has commenced the roll out of its Kintex-325T, Virtex-485T, Virtex-2000T FPGAs, and Zynq-7020 Extensible Processing Platform. The three new kits are the first among nearly 40 to be delivered by Xilinx and/or ecosystem members supporting embedded and high-speed connectivity applications, as well as markets such as automotive, broadcast, consumer, industrial and communications. Reference designs that come with each kit give both new and experienced FPGA users ideal starting points for getting designs completed quickly while achieving the best performance, lowest power, highest bandwidth and most feature-rich utilization of Xilinx FPGAs.

Ecosystem support and open standards The 100’s of board, design service, IP, and tool vendors who make up the Xilinx Alliance Program provide the rich diversity of development solutions and applications that enable Xilinx Targeted Design Platforms. Xilinx worked closely with 4DSP Inc., Analog Devices Inc., Avnet Electronics Marketing, Northwest Logic, The MathWorks, Texas Instruments, and Xylon to bring the first Kintex-7 FPGA and Virtex-7 FPGA development kits to market with more support from the ecosystem to follow.

The configuration lets the sensor provide distinct color separation for red, green and blue, making it suitable as a monitor diode in color printers, as well as a device for color recognition in a variety of measuring instruments. It can also be used to conduct color analysis of television screens.

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