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<p>Working with a combined voice and video software package has many benefits. First, it enables shorter development cycles because the vendor provides the complete DSP firmware for all required functionality. This saves development and debugging time. Also, vendors can offer one consistent software API for the entire system. This means that the learning curve will be much shorter, and integration is made much easier.</p>

In addition to Dai and his research assistant Liangti Qu, others contributing to the work included Georgia Tech professor Zhong Lin Wang, University of Akron professor Zhenhai Xia, and Air Force Research Laboratory scientist Morley Stone.

The Ersol agreement, along with supply contracts with other major suppliers including SUNERGY and MOTECH, guarantees a steady supply of solar cells to Quantum and Asola, according to the companies. Resulting sales from these supply agreements are expected to generate in excess of $600 million for Asola and Quantum.

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Amid a plan to acquire International Rectifier Corp. (IR), Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has bought a specialty capacitor product line from Kemet Corp.

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The deal is valued at $35.2 million and other considerations in the form of a three-year term loan of $15 million.

Sales of these products during Kemet's fiscal-year ended March 31, were approximately $16.0 million, of which approximately $7 million represent former Arcotronics products. Those products were acquired last year by Kemet.

In a joint statement, Felix Zandman, executive chairman of Vishay and Gerald Paul, president and CEO, stated: With this acquisition we broaden our product portfolio in specialty capacitors used in military, aerospace and medical applications.''

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Vishay is also not giving up on another acquisition. Amid a lowered forecast by some–and a sudden slowdown for discrete semiconductors–the company has increased its bid to acquire IR for $1.7 billion.

Last month, Vishay made a non-binding, unsolicited proposal to acquire IR for $1.6 billion in stock.

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A digital, multi-phase power controller that offers a dynamic phasing capability to increase efficiency at the light loads used in advanced computing and communications applications has been introduced by Primarion, an Infineon Technologies subsidiary.

Phasing control of the PX3684 is based on the number of dual in-line memory modules (DIMMS) populated, which optimizes system efficiency when the number of DIMMS is below the maximum allowed number. When DIMMS are added, additional phases can be enabled so that the current handling capability of the PX3684-based system will increase, thus driving the additional DIMM populated sockets.

Besides, Toshiba and SanDisk have been NAND partners for several years. The two companies compete in the market, but they are also partners in a NAND chip venture.

SanDisk has a 49.9 percent ownership interest in Flash Partners Ltd., a business venture with Toshiba which owns 50.1 percent. Formed in fiscal year 2004, the 300-mm fab continues to produce NAND.

SanDisk has a 49.9 percent ownership interest in Flash Alliance Ltd., a business venture with Toshiba which owns 50.1 percent. Formed in fiscal year 2006, the 300-mm fab continues to produce NAND.

Earlier this year, Toshiba and SanDisk signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding on one of the new fabs, targeting a production start-up date in 2010, and a related production joint venture. Details of the fab, including site location, will be finalized as planning progresses.


A reliable grounding system for the solder tips avoids variation in the tip to ground resistance and potential during soldering.

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