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<p>The Power Connector System offers a variety of sizes, contact variants, termination styles and accessories. New features include high conductivity contact options that offer higher current ratings and right-angle, press-fit terminations that can eliminate the need for soldering. These new right-angle power connectors can be installed using flat rock technology, said the company.</p>

The AltiGen folks set up a little demo of an IVR system. Here's the interface for building it. Very simple. Again, something most users can easily get the hang of and build themselves as needs arise.

Others disagreed with both Wilson and Pease. I think (EUV) has tremendous promise,” said Christopher Ober, a professor at Cornell University, during a keynote address, which centered around new and radical molecular resists for IC production.

Shinji Okazaki, director of EUV process technology research at the Association of Super-Advanced Electronics Technologies (ASET), an R&D organization based in Tokyo, said that EUV is suited for 45-nm half-pitch designs in production fabs.

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At SPIE, ASML of the Netherlands is expected to give a progress report on its EUV project, which has been in the works for several years. ASML is expected to ship an alpha tool to IMEC by year's end.

Rival Nikon has devised a small-field EUV tool with a high-numerical- aperture of 0.3. Three sets of projection optics have been developed, with wave-front error rates of 7.5-, 1.9- and 0.9-nm.

The company claims that 50-nm lines and spaces were delineated with the tool. First shipments of the tool are due in 2006.

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MÜNCHEN &#151 Der Chiphändler ce Consumer Electronic hat im Zuge seiner angekündigten Restrukturierung zwei Vorstandsposten abgebaut. Das Unternehmen kündigte weitere Sparmaßnahmen an, vor allem beim Personal. Sogar die Vorstandsgehälter werden reduziert.

Der zukünftige Vorstand werde aus nur noch zwei gleichberechtigten Mitgliedern bestehen, teilt das Unternehmen mit. Christopher R. DeNisco, bisher als Vorstandsmitglied für den US-Markt verantwortlich, rückt auf die neu geschaffene Position des CEO vor und erhält damit die Verantwortung für sämtliche operativen Aktivitäten. Friedrich Rettenberger bleibt als als CFO für die Finanzen zuständig.

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Die bisherigen Vorstände Michael Negel und Michael Wood sind von Ihren Vorstandsposten zurückgetreten und werden künftig als als Bereichsvorstände für das weltweite Direct-Borkerage Geschäft beziehungsweise für die E-Commerce-Aktivitäten zuständig sein. Die Computer Products Division als dritte Säule der konzernweiten Aktivitäten wird von dem Amerikaner Gregory Hopkins geleitet.

Darüber hinaus hat das Unternehmen einen Maßnahmenkatalog zur Kostensenkung verabschiedet. Dazu gehören die Reduzierung der fixen Vorstandsbezüge um 23 Prozent und die die Kürzung der konzernweiten Personalkosten (ohne Vorstand) um 14 Prozent. Dies soll vor allem durch eine Reduzierung des Personals um bis zu 30 Mitarbeiter erreicht werden. Die Jobs werden vor allem in Nord- und Lateinamerika gestrichen; außerdem müssen Mitarbeiter unternehmensweit mit Gehaltskürzungen rechnen.

Darpa has supported some of the R [research]; NIST has funded some of the D [development]. Then it is up to Molecular Imprints to handle commercialization,” said Michael Falcon, an MII business development manager.

The goal of the NIST program led by MII is to develop alignment capabilities that would extend imprint lithography to the semiconductor industry, where multiple mask layers must be precisely aligned. Using an approach acquired from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MII claims it has reached alignment precision of 10 nm — good enough to penetrate the semiconductor-patterning market at the 45-nm node.

What bothers the chip industry, an LSI Logic manager said, is that maskless lithography systems have very low throughput. In an era of cost pressures, companies expect 100 wafers per hour or more from scanners that can cost $20 million to $30 million. Maskless systems have the attraction of taking expensive mask sets out of the equation, but at throughputs that in the initial stages would be in the range of one to five wafers per hour. With FPGAs, structured ASICs and direct-write electron-beam systems as alternatives, maskless approaches face daunting challenges getting a foothold in the market.

Speaking at a conference here last year, outgoing ASML CEO Stuart MacIntosh said the company's joint venture with Micronic Laser Systems AB to create a mirror-based maskless system appealed to the technologists at several foundries. But the people who make the decisions at those companies were never willing to write a check,” MacIntosh said.

ASML will likely wind down its maskless research programs this year after Darpa support ends, a spokesman said.


For its part, Tek's new NSA for UTRAN is based on automated analysis algorithms. These let operators identify service problems and map them to root causes. Tek contends the system will reduce test time, letting you focus on problems rather than data acquisition.

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