ABB Embedded Power

<p>One technique to help reduce this problem is clamshelling. Here, the pair of devices is designed to have pinouts that approximate a mirror image of each other. The layout designer can then place the two devices opposite each other on either side of the pc board. The devices share vias to a large extent, and path lengths between the devices for a particular signal are typically very short. </p>

BAW-based filters are a complement to the company's surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters, according to TriQuint (Hillsboro, Ore.). BAW technology expands the frequency range of TriQuint's acoustic filter technology from 2.5-GHz — the high end of SAW filter design parameters — to over 10-GHz.

3. Set yield specifications. The yield specifications are set at:

The noise figure spec was initially not considered.

10AS027E4F27E3LG_Datasheet PDF

4. Calculate yield. The calculated yield is 91%, using 500 trials.

5. Examine the YSH's for all statistical parameters. Figures 11 and 12 show the YSH's for input and output matching component parameters (C2, L2 (input) and C3, L3 (output)).

10AS027E4F27E3LG_Datasheet PDF

Figure 11 — Statistical analysis of the input match, YSH

10AS027E4F27E3LG_Datasheet PDF

It is easy to see that the parameters describing the input components C2 and L2 are centered, while the parameters describing the output components C3 and L3 are not centered.

The new system based on the Synopsys-Agilent accord features a simple user interface and command-line operation. It also supports industry-standard EDA input formats, including STIL (Standard Test Interface Language), WGL (Waveform Generation Language), VCD (Value Change Dump, EVCD (Extended VCD), and CTL (Core Test Language).

For more details, contact Synopsys, Inc., 700 East Middlefield Road, Mountain View, Calif. 94043. Phone: (650) 584-5000 or (800) 541-7737.

Contact Agilent Technologies, 395 Page Mill Rd., Palo Alto, Calif. 94303. Phone: 800-829-4444, Ext. item number 7958.

MANHASSET, N.Y. &#151 Honeywell and NEC LCD Technologies Ltd. have signed a license agreement enabling NEC LCD to license a Honeywell patent relating to liquid crystal display (LCD) products.

The technology, covered under U.S. Patent No. 5,280,371, increases the brightness of images and reduces the appearance of certain interference effects on LCDs. The patent, also known as the 371 patent, has also been licensed to LG.Philips LCD and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.The license agreement enables NEC to avoid a possible legal confrontation with Honeywell. In October, Honeywell filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware against 34 electronics companies alleging infringement of the 371 patent.

Toshiba eventually plans to incorporate the perpendicular recording technology in a 0.85-inch hard disk for camera phones. The move promises to increase storage capacity while being less expensive than solid state memory. Though Toshiba will initially produce the 0.85-inch drive with a 2-Gbyte capacity using a longitudinal recording technology, the company said it expects use of perpendicular recording will result in multiple platter drives with a 6- to 8-Gbyte capacity.

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