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<p>Both engineers and doctors have a different approach. They seek to find the causes of the problem in order to find a remedy.</p>

In his speech, Weinberger warned that the power amplifier needs too much power. If you are going to transmit 2 Mbits/second [the top data rate of 3G systems] to the basestation, you will need more time slots when the amplifier is active and will run your battery down before you even get started. So, the power amplifier is back in the focus. We need to increase efficiency to the absolute limit.”

You really have to stay a step ahead,” he said.

To assure new and old customers of its supply position, Molex has assembled teams focused on trying to reduce lead times, Tsouchlos said.


From Molex's perspective, we absolutely feel that within our marketplace, manufacturing lead time can be an important criterion for when our customers are choosing a source for their interconnect products,” he said.

The connector maker's efforts to reduce lead times have been successful on certain product families over the past six months to a year,” he said.

There's no question that when you have some unanticipated demand, you will see lead times on some components move out,” Tsouchlos said. And with the strong business climate, we have seen some of that.”


Lead times at Molex vary from ship-to- stock on some products, followed by six to eight weeks on other items and 12 weeks for telecom-related products.

At AMP, Harrisburg, Pa., lead times are widening on some of the hot products,” a spokesman said.


At LSI Logic Corp., commodity buyer Carolyn Shultz said she had one [connector] supplier who has pushed the lead time out to 16 weeks.” She admitted it was a little frustrating.

I don't think it's as bad [as 20 weeks],” 3Com's Evans said. We have relationships with preferred suppliers, so we're working closely with them.”

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Fueling this projected growth is the installation of global positioning systems, advanced braking, air bags, higher-voltage batteries, dashboard instrumentation, and climate- control systems.

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