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<p>The report concludes that market share in the power semiconductor segment remains up for grabs with integration of features and process breakthroughs deciding which suppliers will emerge as winners in the middle of the decade.</p>

If this work bears out, it could cause the entire ASIC business to once again rethink the question of logic granularity, and perhaps to swing back toward larger, configurable and more regular cells that can take advantage of sub-wavelength techniques before standard-cell libraries can.

At press time, Eyretel (Calverton, MD) introduced its evaluation software, Performance Manager, which lets you define key performance indicators for calls, e-mail messages or other data you consider important.

To find out where agents may need help, Eyretel's Replay Studio lets you look at a color-coded map of recordings of different types of calls, the length of each call and the agents who handle them. The software lets you listen to calls and view their screens.

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Lastly, some systems allow you to apply results of evaluations to routing or, as we discuss shortly, to training. Version 3.5 of e-talk Advisor, e-talk's scoring module, works with Knowlagent's KnowDev training software to select and deliver on-line courses based on a single evaluation or the cumulative results of several.

Graff of e-talk says by early 2002, the company plans to enable its software, together with Genesys' T-Server, to factor evaluations into the type of calls an agent receives. For example, if an agent earns low scores in dealing with irate customers, he or she is less likely to receive calls from customers who call to cancel their service.


power one linear power supply

There's one drawback with evaluations. They're too late.

Training, including that which occurs in real time, is the best prevention against mistakes. Comverse Infosys, for example, lets supervisors listen to live calls, view agents' screens and send documents and text chat messages to agents if necessary.

power one linear power supply

Why would you push documents to agents right away instead of scheduling a training session afterwards? One reason is if an agent is currently sharing inaccurate information with a customer during a call, or needs to receive information that your company suddenly updated.

Follow-up training to evaluations do help, such as the courses Witness Systems (Roswell, GA) offers with one of its modules, eQuality Now. Witness provides several dozen courses that each run between 15 and 20 minutes on agents' PCs. They include topics such as phone courtesy, handling objections and effective closing. All courses conclude with tests.

Dacom and CompleTel will use RRSTP in Ethernet rings currently under construction.

Nokia vill hjälpa fram oberoende applikationsutvecklare och genomför därför ett seminarium inom ramen för utvecklarnätverket Nokia Developer ProPoint. Ledande applikationsutvecklare och programmerare bjuds in till Nokias hus i Kista för att ge oberoende applikationsutvecklare coachning, utbildning och support.

– Det är innehållet som ger värde åt mobilt Internet. Användarvänlighet, kreativitet och marknadskännedom är viktiga parametrar på en marknad där bara de bästa idéerna presenteras för mobilanvändaren, säger Daniel Friis, affärsutvecklingschef, Nokia Mobile Phones Skandinavien. Genom snabb tillgång till nya utvecklingsverktyg och teknisk support från Nokias främsta experter hoppas vi på en konstruktiv dialog med såväl befintliga som nya ProPoint-medlemmar.

Introduktionsseminarier kommer även att under den närmaste tiden hållas i Oslo och Köpenhamn.

Cisco Systems provided cheer to the telecoms equipment sector as it reported its first sequential revenue growth in a year.

The poisoned resist, which is not taken out by conventional resist-removal steps, forms mushroom-shaped blockages in the trenches. The result is poor yield because the copper cannot form connections.

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