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<p>The Newport Beach, Calif., semiconductor maker in September announced plans to split into two companies. One will focus on Conexant's traditional products, including modem ICs. It is being referred to as the Personal Network business and will continue to bear the Conexant name. The spinoff, meanwhile, will focus on products for the Internet infrastructure.</p>

First, power is the No. 1 roadblock system integrators face. Solutions that rely on SRAM will not address this problem and force the system integrators to deal with thermal stress issues. Second, massive bandwidth and processing requirements are needed at the carrier-to-ISP and carrier-to-carrier boundaries of the Internet. The ability to deploy OC-192 cost-effective solutions with deep packet classification is far beyond current memory blocks used in networking chip sets. Finally, large numbers of per-flow and aggregate-flow queues will be necessary to meet QoS requirements. The amount of memory needed to maintain this QoS information and the speed at which this memory needs to be accessed can only be provided using smart memory technology.

Digital cinema swept through this fall's SMPTE Conference like a technological tidal wave. No facet of digital imaging, audio and video production and large-screen presentation was left untouched. SMPTE members also laid the foundation for what will likely become several overlapping interindustry SMPTE working groups in the coming months.

Among the electronics design areas that digital cinema will touch are high-speed terrestrial and satellite broadband delivery, high-capacity storage, pirate-resistant encryption and digital projection. New forms of audio and video compression are being investigated. Wavelet (sub-band) compression is getting a new lease on life vs. discrete cosine transform MPEG 2. Projecting those mildly compressed digital cinema files will be new fixed-pixel, multimegapixel display units, led by Texas Instruments' DLP raster-mirror projection system. Using existing theater projection lamp sources, the schemes will reproduce digital imagery from a combination of rotating media (hard-disk and special DVD-ROM) and terrestrial and broadcast sources.

top 10 semiconductor companies

Digital cinema technology begins at the upper fringes of today's HDTV and 24-frame/second progressive digital video production, via the same Sony 1080P 24-frame/s cameras and Panaflex lenses being tapped by George Lucas for Star Wars II .

But the promised land for digital cinema is the digital home theater. Personal digital cinema will go far beyond DVD and even HDTV in quality, delivered through a secure combination of physical media, terrestrial broadband and satellite-broadcast component signals.

Several studio chiefs are exploring business plans whereby films may be able to be viewed at home within weeks or days of their theatrical release, using a subset of the complete entertainment sent to theaters. It wouldn't be cheap, but hey, taking my family of four to the movies Friday night starts at $36 — and that's before the greasy popcorn and flat soda are figured in.

top 10 semiconductor companies

Pay Hollywood and my local broadband provider $35 to see a new movie at home, in a secure format? I'm warming up the popcorn maker.

Electrophysicist Richard Doherty directs digital technology testing and market research for The Envisioneering Group (Seaford, N.Y.).

top 10 semiconductor companies

Sure everybody knows that the PC and theInternet have altered the course of history. But what about all thelittle changes that Bill Gates has wreaked with little or nocomment?

Take for example bar charts and pie charts. Practically everyonesaw a little experiment in Junior High School where the scienceteacher poured the same volume of colored water into differentlyshaped glasses. Despite knowing that the volumes were the same, itlooked like the glasses held different amounts. This trompe l'oeilexperiment proves that human beings cannot judge the relative sizeof three-dimensional objects. Two-dimensional yes;three-dimensional no.

LG, he said, was probably more willing to work with Google and meet some of the firm’s negotiation points given the Korean phone maker’s relatively weaker position in the Android food chain.

Another interesting possibility is that LG could leverage its new partnership with Intel on the smartphone side to give a new Google Nexus an interesting Atom twist.

Intel does need to get a compelling Atom-based product to market,” said Gold and added that the chipmaker’s recent closeness to Google and given how closely the two companies have worked on porting and optimizing Android for Atom, the possibility wasn’t all that remote. Intel really has a desire to make a splash with its new chips,” he said.Finally, LG does have some channels of distribution and technology capabilities it can uniquely bring to bear, also making it an interesting option for Google to consider as a Nexus partner.

Rumor has it that LG is also planning a Nexus TV, which would be the first of its kind, though Google has been pushing Android TV especially hard. With flop after flop in Google’s television endeavors, opening a Nexus program for set-top boxes could be an interesting move by the firm.

San Jose, Calif. – Atmel Corp. has introduced the AT76C711, a Universal Serial Bus (USB) to Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) bridge controller based on its 8-bit AVR microcontroller with 3 kbytes of dual-port random-access memory (DPRAM).


With NPEs optimized for specific WAN services, the 220 and 225 serve as integrated software and silicon foundations for modems, bridges, routers, residential gateways and integrated access devices. To support the two new devices, Intel is offering reference platforms to give equipment developers a head start, as well as a suite of royalty-free software for developing DSL customer premises equipment, including sample applications for routing, bridging and integrated voice/data along with software modules for network management, quality of service, virtual private networks and security.

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