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<p>More than half of enterprise data is not on the servers any more, it’s all over the place – on your Blackberry or your phone or laptop or with your business partners,” Charles Palmer, manager of security and privacy at IBM Research, told the <i>Financial Times </i> . These devices are in harm’s way, but if they are subject to abuse or attack they will not yield their secrets if they have SecureBlue.”</p>

JVC is a distinguished brand in the high-end projector market. We're excited to strengthen our existing relationship with them and be able to offer our dealers this high quality product,” said Bob Gartland, president of AVAD. Our extensive resources will put JVC Professional Products in front of the custom installers they are interested in reaching. Our goal is to provide the most innovative and reliable home theater products to our dealers and partnering with JVC allows us to continue that mission.”

LONDON — Andrew Corporation has bought, for $26 million, Precision Antennas Ltd, the division of U.K. aerospace and defence group Cobham plc that specializes in the development and manufacture of microwave antenna systems used primarily for cellular backhaul.

The move is part of Cobham's strategy to focus on its aerospace and defence activities.

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PAL operates from three manufacturing sites in Stratford, England with 500 employees and also produces couplers and earth station antennas.

The company had sales last year of $46 million and Andrew says the transaction is expected to be slightly accretive to earnings over the next 12 months. The operation will become part of Andrew Corporation’s Antenna and Cable Products Group.

Precision Antennas is a strong complement to Andrew's existing portfolio of antenna systems and products,” said John DeSana, group president of the Antenna and Cable Products Group, Andrew Corporation. DeSana added the deal strengthens Andrew's growing presence in the microwave antennas business targeted at carrying point-to-point radio signals.

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Plano, Tex.&#8212Touting a new world's record in DC/DC conversion, Ericsson says its PKM4402NG intermediate bus converter (IBC) is the first of its kind to provide up to 660 watts in a quarter-brick package. It packs two quarter-bricks into the space of one, according to the company, thus providing twice the power of previous generation IBCs. The 5:1 IBC, working from a 38-55 volt input, can deliver up to 63 amps. These modules, for computing, storage area networks, industrial computers, routers and blade servers, can be connected in parallel without additional (external) circuitry.

Features include a line regulation of 3.4 percent or better, load regulation of 0.5 percent or better, maximum ripple and noise of 300 mV p-p (125 mV p-p typical), and load transient recovery time of 0.1 ms (output deviation of &plusmn0.8 volt for a 25-75-25 percent current step and for a di/dt of 5 A/microsecond). The converter's operating efficiency&#8212up to 97 percent&#8212is four to five percent above typical bus converter products, according to the company.

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Contact the company directly for the product datasheet.The PKM4402NG will be priced at $60 in 1k quantities. Samples are now available.

The LPC bus is limited to 8-bit transfers. This includes I/O Reads and Writes, memory Reads and Writes, and DMA (direct memory access) transfers. The method used by the Geode companion chip to handle 16-bit transfers is to split them into two 8-bit transfers before sending them across the LPC bus.

In most cases, devices connected to the LPC bus, including the LPC-to-ISA bridge, can handle the two 8-bit transfers without a problem.

Standard Pass-Through Connectors

Standard pass-through connectors permit the board to be used either above or below other PC/104 modules. It can also be used as a CPU module for larger system, by plugging it into a proprietary base board that includes specific user-I/O circuitry.

As with other VersaLogic embedded computer boards, the Puma includes a customizable, OEM-enhanced BIOS that's field-upgradeable. It's designed to work with embedded operating systems, including Windows CE, Windows XP, Windows XPe, Linux, Wind River VxWorks, QNX, DOS , and other realtime operating systems.


The first product from the new firm is a MEMS-based Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS) for ROADMs — the same one that Movaz has been using since August in its Multi-Degree RAY ROADM gear.

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