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Santa Clara-based Intel said that the CAD 3D working group membership includes among others: 3Dlabs, Adobe Systems, ATI Technologies, Boeing, Dassault, Microsoft, Mental Images GmbH, Naval Postgraduate School, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and Parallel Graphics Ltd., and that it expects the working group expects to complete its initial standards development effort in about 18 months.

By working with industry leaders and graphics experts, we plan to create a format that will do for 3D on the Web what the JPEG format did for digital photography on the desktop,” said Patrick Gelsinger, Intel vice president and chief technology officer.

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The majority of 3-D data today is created in CAD applications, which is why the working group is initially concentrating its efforts on providing greater and more effective access to that data, Intel said.

Struggling telecoms group Marconi is making progress despite continuing market difficulties, says Mike Parton the company's chief executive. But trading in the three months to 30 June suffered as telecom operators imposed further spending cuts.

Outsourcers, especially foreign-based [firms] seeking US clients, are realizing that clients want better quality, not just cost savings,” she says.

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But outsourcing internationally, especially to emerging countries, requires extra attention to voice/data capabilities and unique legal and regulatory issues.

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For example, if your staff is training a bureau's agents in India, often the bureau will want you to undertake the liability for insuring your staff.

Gantman recommends that companies outsourcing to offshore bureaus get legal advice. In all cases, you should insert the master contract in to requests for proposals (RFPs) that you send to outsourcers. And you must ensure that prospective vendors note exceptions in the contract.

To illustrate why this is dangerous, let ki (i = 1,2,3, ….) be the key stream produced for a specific packet and pi be the packet data in plain-text. Then RC4 produces cypher text ci = pi xor ki . Now, because the medium is wireless, an intruder has easy access to ci , the cypher-text. If the intruder knows the plain text part of a certain message, he can calculate the key stream used to encrypt this certain packet since ki = pi xor ci .

Once ki is known, any future packets encrypted with the same ki can be easily decrypted since pi = ci xor ki . This negates the whole purpose of using RC4.

Integrity Check To ensure that a packet has not been modified in transit, 802.11 uses an integrity check (IC) field in the packet. This IC is implemented as a CRC-32 checksum, which is part of the WEP encrypted payload.

The problem with CRC-32 is that it is linear. This means that it is possible to compute the bit difference of two CRCs based on bit difference of the message over which they are taken. In other words, flipping bit x in the message results in a deterministic set of bits in the CRC that must be flipped to produce the correct checksum of the modified message. Because the flipping bit carries through after an RC4 decryption, an intruder can flip the desired bits in the message and then adjust the IC so that the message appears valid to the receiver.

An Important Question When looking at WLAN authentication, one of the questions that comes to mind is Why is IEEE sticking with RC4 even when it has been shown to be unsuitable for the wireless medium?”. Well, ultimately, the IEEE is expected to use AES, a more appropriate cipher for wireless. Unfortunately, AES requires considerably more horsepower than most existing 802.11b cards provide today and therefore IEEE is sticking with RC4 for the time being.

Steve Shevick, Synopsys' general counsel, said that the FTC did a very thorough review” and voted unanimously to let the merger close.

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