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<p>Note that it takes a relatively long time before these cores actually appear in products (handsets will be the primary target), so don't expect to see any shipping products within the next year or so.</p>

A fourth group oversees the company's legacy ASIC products, as well as ASIC designs that are supported by distribution partners. The operation today is small and shrinking.

Last week's separate announcements by Corning, Lucent, and Cisco-three predatory giants with appetites as big as the sea of data they want to help move-are the latest in a series of transactions that analysts are expecting in the field this year. The companies indicated that they will be boosting not just acquisitions in the sector but also their R&D expenses, moves they hope will bring a greater share of the market, which is expected to double in a few years.

According to Ryan Hankin Kent (RHK) Inc., a San Francisco research firm, all telephone-network operators will be installing fiber-optic-based systems in the next few years, helping to lift the global synchronous digital hierarchy and wavelength division multiplexing markets comprising the systems portion of the optical-networking business.

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SDH and WDM revenue is expected to reach nearly $17 billion by 2003, from $11 billion in 1999.

After using [dense] WDM to meet explosive growth in traffic, the carriers are looking to optical technologies and new network architectures to build networks that double in capacity in two years instead of six years,” said Mathew Steinberg, director of optical networking at RHK.

Corning made three transactions in a single day, two of them overseas, including a joint venture with Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. The third transaction, valued at $2 billion, is the proposed purchase of NetOptix Corp.

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Cisco, which has spent more than $7 billion on acquisitions since entering the market last year, said it will buy Growth Networks Inc., a two-year-old Mountain View, Calif., manufacturer of next-generation routing and switching chips, for approximately $355 million.

As emerging technologies such as optical networking increase the carrying capacity of the network backbone, corresponding demand arises for products that can route and switch traffic at increasingly higher rates and capacities,” Cisco said in a statement.

igbt driver board

Indeed, many component makers are preparing to serve manufacturers of optical-networking applications, including DWDM. Last week, Lucent trumpeted a $30 million push to expand its optoelectronics-components operations, just one week after shelling out $2.95 billion for Ortel Corp.

Meanwhile, JDS Uniphase Corp., which last month agreed to acquire E-Tek Dynamics Inc. for $15 billion, said it will unveil on March 6 more than 30 new optical-component products, including tunable lasers, advanced optical switching, and transceiver/receiver modules. Formed last July from the union of JDS Fitel Inc. and Uniphase Corp., the San Jose company has made half a dozen acquisitions in about as many months.

The module includes two normally open immediate-output switching channels and two normally open delayed-output switching channels. Time selector switches let users choose a delay time of up to 20 or up to 200 seconds, depending on the model. Numerous fixed-delay models are also available.

Redundant DIP switches are used to configure the module for monitoring a dual- or single-channel E-Stop, and to select basic functions, including auto or manual power-up and reset. The module can be programmed using integral DIP switches to automatically reset after or during shutdown.

The ES-TN-1H5/-1H6 safety module includes one auxiliary nonsafety normally closed immediate output, and one auxiliary nonsafety normally closed delayed output for status monitoring. In addition, it features a diverse-redundant input monitoring circuit.

Snap-out removable wiring terminals make it possible to exchange modules without rewiring. All output contacts are rated for 4 A at 250 Vac or 24 Vdc. Integral circuitry protects against reverse polarity and transient voltages.

Seven LEDs, six green and one red, provide continuous indication of operating status to streamline diagnostics and troubleshooting. The durable polycarbonate component is packaged in a compact 1.8-inch DIN-rail housing for easy installation. The module operates in temperatures from 0 degrees C to 50 degrees C . Banner Engineering said that approvals from UL, CSA and CE are pending.

SAN JOSE–The North American subsidiary of Infineon Technologies AG today introduced the company's first member of a 32-bit microcontroller series, based on a super-scalar RISC architecture and designed for future automotive embedded control systems.

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