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<p>The first step to getting a good career plan in place and move forward is to throw away any preconceived notions of what a career should be, says the report recommendations.</p>

In addition, Altera will continue to sponsor the annual Professor Conference and Nios II Embedded Processor Design Contest in China to help professors and students better understand and master Altera's latest technology and product development solutions.

Depending on how it's configured, a system can perform DC current and voltage tests, and measure conductance and impedance, as well as capacitance. A 4080 Series system can make both 2-terminal differential voltage tests and pulse force tests. DC measurements include spot, sweep, pulse bias, and pulse sweep types. Measurement ranges extend from 1-fA to 100-mA, 2-µV to 100-V or 200-V, and 10-fA to 1A.

Guarded Switching Matrix

used mass air flow sensor

The 4080 also supports a guarded switching matrix that's customizable from 12 pins to as many as 48 pins. A system can be constructed in either a low-current or an ultra-low-current configuration, depending upon the type of matrix card used.

The system also provides two RF input ports, and the test head has an RF docking interface with ten RF output ports. An optional 8 x 10 RF matrix is available. Measurements from DC through to 20-GHz are possible.

Notably, the system hardware and software support Agilent's PNA network analyzer for making S-parameter and RF-CV measurements. Software runs an automatic and interactive calibration tool that enables full two-port SOLT (shorts, opens, loads, and thrus) and one-port SOLT, and open/short de-embedding for RF measurement.

used mass air flow sensor

Agilent's tester can also be fitted with an optional so-called HS-CMU (High-Speed Capacitance Measurement Unit). It's what lets you measure capacitance and impedance.

External instruments can also be integrated into the system through six auxiliary input ports or 48 extended path inputs. The extended path inputs let you connect external signals directly to a DUT 's (device under test) pins.

used mass air flow sensor

Flash Characterization

Agilent's press notes mentions the 4082F Flash Memory Cell Parametric Test System , and its inclusion of an SPGU (semiconductor pulse generator unit). Fully integrated into the overall hardware, the SPGU is billed as an industry-first for a production parametric test system.

The nanoparticles Turco tested are already in use in coatings that make fabrics stainproof and sports equipment more durable, and as conduits for drugs and biological markers. In electronics, quantum dots use nanoparticles to confine electrons in cavities smaller than their natural wavelengths.

Some have argued that wide use of such structures will result in the nanoparticles' accumulating in the natural environment, with potentially negative results. Turco sought to test that speculation by dosing soil samples from working farms with different levels of nanoparticles, then measuring the effect on the microorganisms in the soil that break down organic compounds.

The tests, conducted at the Purdue University Agriculture Research and Education Center over a six-month period, showed no adverse impact on the soil, even at relatively high concentrations, of 1,000 parts per million. Carbon dioxide levels, soil respiration and the size and composition of soil bacteria communities showed no ill effects, according to Turco's study.

He notes that previous studies, which turned up problems in soil exposed to nanoparticles, were conducted in laboratories. Others did their studies in a purified culture,” Turco said. You can't look at the effects of manufactured nanoparticles in isolation. You have to put them in a natural environment.”

Turco suspects the exposure level and toxicity of fullerenes are naturally regulated in real-world soil environments. But he adds the caveat that he tested only a few types of nanoparticles and that further tests must be done on a broader array of particles before conclusions can be drawn.

To compensate, Sanmina-SCI made changes in its Mexico operations to make its manufacturing processes more efficient. Sanmina-SCI's vertical integration model provided solutions with high-mix, low-volume products; highly complex product capabilities; diverse product segments; and strong engineering and operational infrastructure.

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